Ask Haruki Murakami — Translation of the Question Form


The site for Haruki Murakami’s advice column is open until Jan. 31 and while it’s in Japanese, he’ll also take questions in English. Want to ask him something but don’t know Japanese? Don’t worry, I’ve translated the fields for you:

Go here to write your question:

The ten fields are:

1. Pen Name (anonymity is ok)
2. Gender: Left Bubble=Male, Right=Female
3. Age
4. Job
5. Question Category: This is multiple choice and there are 4 options: (1) There’s something I’d like to ask or discuss with Mr. Murakami (2) There’s something I’d like to say to Mr. Murakami (3) Place(s) I like or dislike (4) About cats or the Yakult Swallows [baseball team]
6. My Question/Comment (1200-character limit)
7. Email Address
8-9. I agree with House Rules and Privacy Policy (must be checked)
10. I’d like to receive emails about Murakami and his works in the future (warning, they’ll be in Japanese)
To send click on the big black button on the bottom.

If you have any other questions let me know!

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32 Comments on “Ask Haruki Murakami — Translation of the Question Form”

  1. […] Сайтът е активен на японски, но въпроси ще се приемат и на английски, а отговорите им и превод на това как можете да изпратите въпрос можете да намерите тук […]

  2. yay! thanks for translating this

  3. Teodora Says:

    Thank you!

  4. Marjut Sadeharju Says:

    First of all: I’m a huge fan. I teach literature in high school and we are currently studying The Wind-up Bird Chronicle. My students seem to like it. I have two questions: What was the writing process like and what do you consider most important in life?

  5. yeslugo Says:

    Hey there. Greatly appreciated of you for translating! Best.

  6. Noah Says:

    Hi, just thought that I would add to this. Once you click the black button you will be taken to a confirmation page where you can choose to send (black button on the left) or edit (black button on the right).

  7. Miss Vitale XDDD Says:

    Hey I love his book! :D It’s so nice of you to do this!!

  8. aditi gaur Says:

    You are a gem of a person!

  9. Sandie Josapak Says:

    Hi, in between reading non fiction history books, I love to read your stories as they take me away to another world where anything can happen. I have read them all and wish there were more. You have a very unique writing style and I love it! Thank you and keep writing.

  10. Apple Says:

    Thank you so much for translating. I’ve submitted my question. Will I get a reply in English or Japanese? And will it be on the website or via email. Any idea?

  11. Most Ardently Says:

    After I hit the big black button, two more appear – which do I pick? Left or Right?

    • Nadine Says:

      See comment above from Noah:
      Noah Says:
      January 17, 2015 at 2:59 am
      Hi, just thought that I would add to this. Once you click the black button you will be taken to a confirmation page where you can choose to send (black button on the left) or edit (black button on the right).

  12. Lawrence Denes Says:

    Hi everyone! As a fellow fan of Murakami’s work, I’ve taken it on as a personal project to translate as many of these letters as I can. You can follow along at:
    It’s totally unofficial–I have no affiliation with Mr. Murakami or the publishers–but I love his work, and I could use the practice for my translation skills. Enjoy!

    • Nadine Says:

      Hi Lawrence,
      this is great, many thanks for your effort to translate it! It’s so interesting to read the questions of Murakami’s fans and his replies to it. Without your work I wouldn’t be able to do it, so it’s highly appreciated!
      Best wishes from Germany

  13. Nadine Says:

    Thanks so much for this translation – I already posted a question to the page. :)

  14. theabrooke Says:

    Reblogged this on Thea Brooke Bibliotherapy and commented:
    I am very excited about Haruki Murakami becoming an ‘agony uncle’.
    His site Mr Murakami’s Place is in Japanese, but this site talks you through submitting a question to him in another language. There’s also which translates Murakami’s responses into English

  15. Kylie Says:

    Thank you so much for the translation!
    Would you be able to read the email response you receive when you ask a question? (I cannot read the kanji because my Japanese is subpar and I’m just curious, haha).

  16. Thanks so much for this!

  17. Artemis Says:

    Thanks a bunch! :)

  18. […] the English-speaking Murakami also answers questions submitted in that language; just consult James Smyth’s translation of the question submission form if you want to go that […]

  19. Kalyani Says:

    Thank You for doing this!:)

  20. Kalyani Says:

    Hi,can you pls tell me if the replies to the questions are emailed or one has to go through the answers posted on the site.It’s quiet difficult to follow the forum as I don’t know the Japanese language.

  21. […] Haruki Murakami postanowił wcielić się w postać „wujka dobra rada” i ku uciesze fanów umożliwił im zadawanie pytań na swojej stronie internetowej! Zanim poprosicie go o radę musicie wypełnić formularz. Całość jest w języku japońskim, ale James Smyth już go przetłumaczył i legendę znajdziecie tutaj. […]

  22. AyeshaRaees Says:

    Does anyone know a place where there are translations for all the questions? doesn’t work and has been closed. Would super appreciate it.

  23. Gio Says:

    I don’t believe in magic and superstition.I think that sooner or later it will be possible to find answers to those questions that are considered to be magical and result of superstition. My personal experience (perhaps common to many others) provides me with irrefutable arguments.I feel that there is some “force”, I do not know how to call it, I could simply define it as a “natural force”.Now I’ll explain. I noticed that this “natural force” plays (maybe I’m wrong, but I think so) against me.When it hears or sees, I don’t know how to define it, that I do or I want something, it always prevents me realizing it.Everything goes wrong, nothing suits me, nothing more goes right. For example, when I think of doing something correct, without mistakes, after it appears that I made mistakes, which it did not go well. I must say that, even with women, I do not manage well. This “force” feels, that I run after a woman, I love her, I do everything I can to be likeable, that she falls in love with me, but there is nothing to do. ..It has always been like that. However, when I try to forget her, not to think about her and I can almost do and feel it, this “force” makes sure that she approaches me. And actually she comes back, but at that time I want her no more, I ended up with her. But then, if I forgive her little by little, later, again, it’s the same story. But is it possible that there is no peaceful relationship without these extremes, a relationship of mutual sympathy?With respect to business, when I think I was wrong, not to have done things correctly, at the end it appears I did very well and that everything went well. What is this force?What does it do?How to understand what it wants?And who or what is????

  24. anirudhmore Says:

    Hello. Is Mr. Murakami still answering questions? I have been catastrophically late in discovering this.

  25. blueorgasmic Says:

    I hope he still is, cause I just sent him a message

  26. gainnomoss Says:

    Is there a way we can read all his reponses now that the site has gone off?

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