Two Years in Japan

Here are my appearances in Japanese newspapers and newsletters.

These are my letters home about a variety of subjects.

First Email From Japan

I Am a Japanese School Teacher

Teaching is the Happiest Profession

Finding a Purpose and Working Like a Maniac

Autumnal Happiness

Happy New Year

To Be Rather Than To Seem

Following My Star

The Class of Heisei 20 Graduates

Two Minutes of Fame

First Impressions of China

My Students, the Gladiators

Catching Up

My New House and the Blue House! The God of Fire and the King of Pop!

A Bit of Politics

The Naked Man Festival and Other Hot Licks

Sacred Ceremonies of Fat Athletes and Effeminate Grandfathers


A Passage to India

The Incident of March 2008

How I Grew 3 Years in 12 Months

Every two weeks, I participated in an adult English conversation salon. Most of the people were Japanese, and most were elderly, but their excellent English exhibited their lucid minds. Everyone gave a speech about a certain subject. When I couldn’t make it, I sent something to be read in absentia.



A Bus Ride

Cell Phones

Charming Compliments

How Can I Activate My Neighborhood?

I applied to work at Tokyo Orientation for new teachers, and the first two pieces are proposed speeches for that. I was asked to speak at the Kumamoto Prefectural Orientation, and so the third is what I submitted for the handbook.

Independent Japanese Study

Japanese Pop Culture

Japanese Office Culture

Here are a couple other Japanese compositions.


Here are a few things I used in school.

“Spider-Man” in Passive Voice

“My Dream” Quotes

Inspirational Sports Quotes

Here’s what I’ve written about Japan since leaving.

End of Summer ~ 夏の終わり

J-Public Radio

在日本寄信 ~ Japan Post

What I’ve Learned in the Karaoke Box

日本對我的影響 ~ Japan’s Influence on Me

Japanese Self-Study

What Did I Get Out of JET?


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