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桃園 ~ Taoyuan

March 3, 2011

桃園 ~ Taoyuan

Here are some of the pleasant sights northwest of Taipei: Yingge Pottery Street (鶯歌老街), Sanxia’s Zushi Temple (三峽長福巖/清水袓師廟) and Minquan Old Street (民權老街), Xiao Wulai scenic area (小烏來), and Chiang Kai-shek’s summer home and the camphor museum in Fuxing (復興). We took this trip in October of 2010: I remember this because the Rangers were battering the Yankees’ Sabathia at the time.

Yingge Pottery Shop

Yingge Pottery Street

Eggplant with Signatures

ASS Authorized Service Shop

Sanxia River Scene

Sanxia Zushi Temple

Sanxia Temple Pillar

Sanxia Temple Capital

Wulai Mountain Town

Fuxing Chiang Park

Sanxia Temple Ceiling (more…)