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The Republican Race as a Risk Game

February 25, 2016

risk board.jpg

Since I played Risk so much in high school it’s obvious to me why the other candidates aren’t attacking Trump. In politics, as in Risk, any attack you make on a fortified position hurts you as well as the enemy, especially if you know the other guy will turn in his cards and hit you back his next turn. There’s also the psychological obstacle of how well Trump’s been rolling. All the other candidates want someone else to be the one who sacrifices his armies to weaken Trump. Even the donor class does!

Here’s how the present race would look on a Risk board, a 5-man game (formerly a 6-man game) in order of number of armies:
1. Trump: Holds North America, unquestionably has the most armies, and his already big lead will continue to grow unless the others attack him to break his hold on the continent now.
2. Rubio: Holds Africa. Could attack Trump via Europe (which is now open, see #6) but would rather consolidate Europe (not enough time for that though!) or attack Cruz and take over South America.
3. Cruz: South America. Can only expand by attacking Trump or Rubio. Rather than attacking the stronger one, Trump, he’d like to eliminate Rubio and get the South America-Africa combo, which would give him as many bonus armies as Trump’s North America does.
4. Kasich: Australia, but only recently. Has too few armies to attack anyone and is hoping for the other players to destroy each other so he can rise up several turns later.
5. Carson: Wandering in Asia. No continent bonus and his once-formidable armies are almost entirely drained away, but has too few cards and is too distant to be worth the trouble of attacking.
6. Jeb!: Recently eliminated by Trump and Rubio after repeatedly failing to execute the difficult strategy of holding Europe.