Female Taiwanese Official Stabbed to Death in Dominican Republic

Female Taiwanese Official Stabbed to Death in Dominican Republic
United Daily News: 駐多明尼加僑務秘書 遭刺殺身亡
Lei Guang-han reporting from Taipei April 19, 2012

Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission Dominican Republic Secretary Ou Zhen-mei was found stabbed to death in her home Tuesday. She is the second Taiwanese OCAC Secretary stationed overseas to be murdered. The ROC’s Embassy in the Dominican Republic has requested that the Dominican government use its full power to find the culprit.

The first Taiwanese OCAC Secretary to be murdered was Liao Jun-ming, who was shot while standing at the doorway to his home in Brazil in 1984.

Local media says that there was evidence of beating and gouging on Ou’s body, and the knife wounds were concentrated around her head and neck. There is no sign that her home was brken into. It is suspected that the killer followed her when she returned home late at night, entered her home behind her (she lived alone), and then killed her.

Yesterday, her brother Ou Ming-de, with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, received a new passport and the American visa which is necessary to enter the Dominican Republic. He is expected to set out from Taiwan tonight.

Dominican television and newspapers displayed several bloodstains on the white walls of Ou’s apartment elevator. According to reports, the cleaning staff found these bloodstains when they began work at 9 AM and told their manager. It appears the attack on Ou Mei-zhen began before she arrived in her room.

In addition, another resident of the building reported hearing the loud sound of a door slamming shut that night.

Hou Ping-fu, Taiwanese ambassador to the Dominican Republic, noticed at 10 AM that Ou Mei-zhen had not yet arrived for work. He called her home and cell phone, but no one answered, so he went to her residence himself to check. When he arrived, he found her door shut and there were bloodstains around it. He knew something was wrong and called the police.

Hou Ping-fu said, “The emergency staircase in the back seems to have been used.” It could have been the murderer’s escape route. OCAC Chief Wu Ying-yi said that Ou’s apartment was a mess, but he doesn’t know if anything was stolen. That night, Ou Mei-zhen worked overtime until 10 PM, then told Hou Ping-fu she had to return home.

OCAC has already sent an email reminding overseas officials to look out for the safety of themselves and their homes and recommended that female officials who have to return home late go there accompanied by a coworker.

Ou Mei-zhen graduated from Chinese Culture University’s Philosophy Department. After passing the Overseas Affairs Administration test, she joined OCAC in 1987; she was sent to Guatemala in 2000.

One OCAC member said that the 55-year old Ou Mei-zhen was very experienced; many of her peers had already retired. He also said she was very diligent, responsible, open, cheerful, and polite, and she volunteered for the Buddhist international relief foundation Tzu Chi.

Her tour in the Dominican Republic had already lasted a year and three months. Hou Ping-fu said “she was very diligent and often worked overtime”.

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