Governor Ishihara: “Tokyo is Going To Protect the Senkaku Islands. Any Complaints?”

Ishihara April 17Senkaku Islands
Left: Governor Ishihara at the speech. Photo by Kentarō Nakashima.
Right: The Senkaku Islands, which are north of Ishigaki, Okinawa and northeast of Taiwan.

Governor Ishihara: “Tokyo is Going To Protect the Senkaku Islands. Any Complaints?”
Yomiuri Shimbun: 石原知事「東京が尖閣守る、文句ありますか」
Kentarō Nakashima reporting from Washington, DC April 17, 2012

During a speech on the afternoon of the 16th in Washington, DC (before dawn on the 17th in Tokyo), Tokyo Governor Ishihara expressed his intention to purchase a part of the Senkaku Islands, which are held by Japan (and administered by Ishigaki, Okinawa) despite competing territorial claims by China and Taiwan [who call them the Diaoyu Islands].

He has received the consent of a man in Saitama who already possesses the islands and would like to complete the acquisition this year.

The Tokyo government is looking into purchasing three of the four islands – Uotsuri Jima, Kita Kojima, and Minami Kojima – first, and buying a fourth, Kuba Jima, which belongs to the man’s relatives, in the future.

The Governor pushed back against Chinese territorial claims in his speech, saying “the Senkaku Islands are part of Japan, and they were returned to the country at the same time as Okinawa. Now [China] is saying the islands are theirs. That’s outrageous.”

He added “it would be best if the national government bought the islands, but it’s not because it’s timid,” and “Tokyo will defend the Senkaku Islands. It may upset other countries, but can anyone complain about Japanese people making this acquisition in order to protect Japanese territory?”

After his speech, Governor Ishihara said to the press that he was considering sending a proposal to Ishigaki, Okinawa to jointly administer the islands. Regarding their price tag, he only said “I can’t say. They’re not that expensive.” The Governor is visiting the United States on invitation from the hosts of Washington’s National Cherry Blossom Festival.








(2012年4月17日14時34分 読売新聞)

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