US Diplomat: “Spain is Only Good for Flamenco and Wine”

US Diplomat: “Spain is Only Good for Flamenco and Wine”
Polemical words from the number two of the OECD, who clarified that he didn’t want to insult anyone
El País: “España solo vale para flamenco y vino”
Miguel González reporting from Madrid April 14, 2012

The American ambassador Richard A. Boucher, Secretary General Adjunct of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), which includes 34 countries, surprised the attendees of a seminar about the Arab Spring this past Wednesday, which was hosted in Marseille by the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO, with an unusual declaration: “No one wants to be like Spain today. Spain is only good for flamenco and red wine.”

The attendees were initially stupefied. Afterward, the only Spanish representative at the forum, Diego López Garrido, a Socialist congressman and ex-Secretary of State to the EU, took the floor to demand that Boucher retract such unjust and irresponsible words. Boucher only answered that it was not his intention to insult anyone; he only wanted to say that no country would want to have the unemployment level that is troubling Spain. Given this response, López Garrido sent a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel García-Margallo, requesting that the Spain ambassador to the OECD in Paris present a formal complaint about Boucher’s “intolerable words.”

The incident reveals, in any case, the level to which Spain’s international image has deteriorated. Sarkozy is using Spain as a throwing knife against his rival for the Champs Elysses, the Socialist Hollande; Monti attributes the rise of Italy’s risk premium to the Spanish disease. Rajoy’s calls for “prudence” from his European peers do not seem to have made a lick of difference.

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5 Comments on “US Diplomat: “Spain is Only Good for Flamenco and Wine””

  1. Spaniard Says:

    American Bullshit and prejudices. Flamenco is NOT even Spanish. It’s certainly not a Spanish traditional muic or dance.

  2. Victor Says:

    I prefer wine and cuisine of my country, that the crap that eat in USA

    A spaniard with more education and class than Richard A.Boucher

  3. Héctor Says:

    Unfortunately… he’s right…
    A Spaniard.

  4. Héctor Says:

    He only missed football and bullfighting…
    The same Spaniard

    • Victor Says:

      He can go fuck. And also all who support what he has said. He knows nothing about Spain, I’m sure this yankee could not put Spain in a map. This crisis started in America, and he should be ashamed to talk of this way of a ally of U.S. in the fight against terrorism. Unfortunately for us and fortunately for him, we have a government (nor this nor the previous one) to defend our interests, including a complaint for this clown or to ask ask forgiveness publicly, as minimum

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