Video Starring Children Sets Off Debate During Mexican Election Campaign

Video Starring Children Sets Off Debate During Mexican Election Campaign
The short film has been diffused on social networks by the movement Nuestro México del Futuro
El País: Un vídeo protagonizado por niños desata la polémica en plena campaña mexicana
Paula Chouza reporting from Mexico City April 13, 2012

(Knowledge of the Spanish language is not necessary for understanding this video.)

It is a world of children, but children with the vices of adults that live in a society rife with corruption, violence, drug trafficking, and environmental problems. This is the concept of a video spread across the Internet that has incited the fury of a good part of the Mexican political class just ten days after the official beginning of campaigning for the presidential election on July 1.

The advocacy group Nuestro México del Futuro (Our Future Mexico), which defines itself on its website as a “social movement that calls on all Mexicans to express their visions of the country in which they would like to life,” produced the film, four minutes in length and exceptionally harsh, which has already been seen on the web by over 10 million people. The assault of a citizen with a razor blade in broad daylight by a seven-year old boy, the image of a corrupt politician who is not yet twelve, gives these incidents a macabre realism that has frightened politicians, who asked this week for the video to be taken down.

Miguel Ángel García Granados, a representative of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), called the film “detestable” on Thursday because it used minors. “This is not the way to solve the problems of this country,” he said to the media. In the same sentiment, Mario Di Constanzo of the Workers’ Party said that “the use of children to portray prisoners, drug traffickers, and police constitutes a violation of childrens’ rights. PAN politician Rosi Orozco said it was “lamentable that children were manipulated and used, and that they will be stigmatized as future delinquents, prisoners, and drug addicts.” With these words, the legislators called for the Secretariat of Governance to prohibit the diffusion of the film, which would seem to be difficult because it has already been published on social networks, where the institution does not have the power to intervene because Mexico has not regulated them.

Our Future Mexico released a statement in response to the polemics saying that it was trying “to represent the opinion, not of any institutions or individuals in particular, but rather of millions of Mexicans.” The movement is sponsored by many companies, among them the insurer Grupo Nacional Provincial (National Provincial Group). Its objective is to gather the visions of citizens and compile them in a book titled El Decreto de Nuestro México del Futuro (The Decree of Our Future Mexico). The group has announced that said publication will be given to the presential candidates when it is ready.

At the end of the film, a girl looks at the camera and says, not in vain, “If this is the future that’s ahead of me, I don’t want it. Ms. Josefina, Mr. Andrés Manuel, Mr. Enrique, Mr. Gabriel (the candidates): time is up. Mexico has already touched bottom. Are you only going for the position, or are you going to change the future of our country?”

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