The King of Spain: “Some Nights I Lose Sleep Over Youth Unemployment”

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The King of Spain: “Some Nights I Lose Sleep Over Youth Unemployment”
El Pas: El Rey: “Hay noches que el paro juvenil me quita el sueño” (Original includes video clips)
Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía lead a small public discussion
“Give me a moment to finish. She would prefer the music, but I prefer to speak a little,” joked the king

This Wednesday in Barcelona, The King and Queen of Spain presented 124 students with scholarships the La Caixa Foundation awards each year to students who want to pursue postgraduate studies abroad. During the presentation, Don Juan Carlos wanted to inspire the students to keep working. “We are in a difficult moment, but we will get out of it by moving forward, like we have before.” Later he referred to the problems the youth have finding work. “50% of youths are unemployed, and some nights I lose sleep over that.”

Don Juan Carlos also starred in the moment of the event, when he ignored protocol and started his speech ahead of schedule, in advance of the musical performance (the organization assured that this is the third year the monarch spoke before the music). It was then that the members of the protocol passed a note to Isidoro Fainé, President of La Caixa, to alert Don Juan Carlos that the event was not yet completed because the performance hadn’t occurred. Fainé passed this note to Queen Sofía, who in a low voice informed the King of his mistake. The king then blurted out, “Give me a moment to speak.” After that he joked to the audience, “As you can see, the Queen would prefer the music.” The two then laughed about having this little talk in public.

In a short speech before more than 100 youth with promising futures, the King sought to send a message of hope. “We hope that when you return [from your studies in other countries], we will have more jobs available,” the King expressed. Despite economic difficulties, Juan Carlos I said he was convinced Spain would overcome this situation. “We have had other crises before, and we got out of them,” the King said in encouragement.

La Caixa President Isidre Fainé, for his part, also spoke about the crisis and assured that although the economic situation was not easy, “there are solutions; we just have to discover them and give them life.”

In addition to the monarchs, Minister of the Interior Jorge Fernández Díaz, Economic Advisor Andreu Mas-Colell, La Caixa and La Caixa Foundation President Isidre Fainé, La Caixa Director General Joan Maria Nin, La Caixa Foundation Director General Jaume Lanaspa, and Catalonian government representative María Llanos de Luna attended the event.

The King has always presided over the presentation of the La Caixa Foundation scholarships in Barcelona, which in its 30th edition gave €8.1 million in total. A total of 124 university students from all over Spain will benefit from these scholarships, which have an average value of €65,000 per student. The greater part of the gifts were given for studies of engineering, economics, or sciences in European and U.S. universities.

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