The First Anniversary of The Great Tōhoku Earthquake

NYC Tōhoku Earthquake Memorial Service
Japanese expatriates attend a first anniversary memorial service in a New York City church the night of March 10. (Kyodo News Service)

“We Won’t Forget You”: Memorial Services for Victims of Great Tōhoku Earthquake Held Across America
Jiji News Service: 忘れない…米国各地で追悼行事

NEW YORK – On the 10th, cities across America, especially those with many Japanese residents, held memorial services for the Great Tōhoku Earthquake, which occurred one year ago. In New York City, about 100 groups who have contributed to the relief effort cooperated to hold a memorial for the victims. One person after another spoke words of encouragement for those who continue to suffer from the crisis.

Consul General Shigeyuki Hiroki and about 1100 others attended. After a moment of silence, local doctor Kamal Ramani spoke. Immediately after the earthquake, he went to Sanriku village in Miyagi to provide voluntary medical care. He continued to help after that by starting a psychosomatic medicine clinic in the area. “We won’t forget you,” he said at the service with conviction.

I Love You Japan ~For 3.11 From U.S.A.~ (Students from every state in the Union sing words of support to Japan.)

“Fukushima Will Absolutely Be Reborn”…1200 Pray Silently at State Memorial Service
Asahi Shimbun: 必ずや再生…追悼式で1200人黙祷

About 1200 people attended the government’s Great Tōhoku Earthquake First Anniversary Memorial Service held in the National Theatre in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo the afternoon of March 11, including the Emperor and Empress, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, and victims’ surviving family members from across the country and abroad. Everyone prayed silently at 2:46 PM, exactly one year after the earthquake. After the Prime Minister spoke, the Emperor gave words of his own.

He said, “There will be many difficulties on the path to the disaster area’s recovery from this day forward. I expect that all our citizens will continue to extend their hearts to the victims, and the disaster area’s condition will continue to improve.” Prime Minister Noda said, “We are now one day closer to the disaster area’s recovery.” He said Fukushima Prefecture, the site of the nuclear disaster, “will absolutely be reborn. We will put all our energy into returning our citizens’ beautiful hometowns to them.”

Photo Album: The Disaster Sites Today…Let’s Expand the Support Circle!
What can we do to redouble the recovery effort? Gō blog’s purpose in making this album is not only to record the support efforts undertaken until now, but also to widen the support circle and bring more people together to shape the future.

Fukushima Protestors
Protestors hold a banner in front of Tokyo Electric Power Company reading, “Bring Fukushima Back.” These members of civic groups reiterated demands that the reactor be decommissioned and victims be justly compensated. (Uchisaiwai-cho, Tokyo. Jiji News)

Protest Song: 東電に廃炉 (Pun w/Double Meaning: Let’s Go to Work for TEPCO / Let’s Decommission TEPCO) – English Subtitles

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