Nepalese Restauranteur Beaten to Death in Osaka: Young Japanese Struck Him At Least 40 Times and Ran Over Him with Bicycle

Nepalese Restauranteur Beaten to Death in Osaka: Young Japanese Struck Him At Least 40 Times and Ran Over Him with Bicycle
Yomiuri Shimbun: 殴る蹴る40回、自転車も…ネパール男性暴行死
February 5, 2012

This newspaper has learned details of the police investigation into the fatal assault of the Nepalese restaurant proprietor Mr. Bishnu Prasad Dhamala (age 42), for which Daiki Shiraishi (age 21) and three others [Miyoko Shiraishi, Hiroaki Ie, and Kuniko Tsukamoto] have been arrested.

Mr. Dhamala’s attackers struck him at least 40 times, mainly to the head and face. When they realized he was getting away despite being on the brink of death, they renewed their assault, punching and kicking him all over again.

Among the four suspects, three (including the Shiraishis) deny having the intent to kill while the other denies being involved in the incident at all. The police department, however, thinks they at least had willful negligence; that is, they didn’t care if he died. On Monday the 6th, the Prosecutor’s Office will decide whether or not to bring murder charges against the two men and two women, who are nearing the end of the time period they are allowed to be held without charges.

According to investigators, Daiki Shiraishi and Hiroaki Ie (21) coincidentally crossed paths with Mr. Dhamala and two of his male Nepalese employees before dawn on January 16 and assaulted them. Mr. Dhamala ran away, but the four caught up with him 80 meters down the road to the southeast and threw him to the ground.

What happened next was captured by a nearby parking lot security camera. The four struck him about 40 times over a minute and a half: they kicked his head, jumped on his body, and even rode a bicycle over his torso three times.

After that, Mr. Dhamala staggered away. The four were going to leave, but when they realized Mr. Dhamala’s employees were returning, they attacked him again. Mr. Dhamala died from sudden brain swelling caused by external pressure on the skull.

Translator’s Note: For more information about Mr. Dhalama, see the January 30 Mainichi Daily News report.

Dhamala Killing
The Killing of a Nepalese Restaurant Owner
The dotted line represents Mr. Dhamala’s movement; the solid line represents the suspects’.
Follow the direction of the arrows. The gray box southeast of Event 1 is a convenience store. The Kintetsu Osaka Abeno Bridge Rail Station is north of Event 2. The security camera is from the building directly east of Event 2.
Source: Osaka Prefectural Police Report
1. The suspects begin to pursue Mr. Dhamala.
2. Mr. Dhamala is caught and beaten about 40 times.
3. He is beaten again.
4. The suspects assault three other men.








(2012年2月5日08時49分 読売新聞)

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