Scientific Research on Bigfoot Begins in Earnest

Bigfootprint?A sample of a 40 cm (4/3 ft) footprint that might belong to Bigfoot. Photo of Idaho State University Professor Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum’s collection taken by Tetsurō Yamada.

Scientific Research on Bigfoot Begins in Earnest
Yomiuri Shimbun: 未確認大型類人猿「ビッグフット」、真剣に研究
Tetsurō Yamada reporting from Washington, DC January 24, 2012

“Bigfoot”, a large humanoid ape species said to reside in the northern U.S. whose existence has never been confirmed, has become a subject of scientific research: Idaho State University has debuted the first online scientific journal about it and other such hominoids.

Bigfoot is thought to be bigger than a gorilla and to walk on two feet. There have been reports of footprints and sightings in the North Pacific United States for years on end. However, many of these calls have been pranks or cases of mistaken identity, so the scientific world has long ignored the subject, putting the species in the same category as UFOs and ghosts.

Recently, however, there have been discoveries of prints from huge feet that slipped on the earth, complete prints with ridges akin to fingerprints, prints from not yet fully developed skeletons, and prints with evidence of wounds. A group of researchers is researching the possibility that Bigfoots exist, stand more than 2 meters tall, and are the descendants of the Gigantopithecus, a 3m tall giant hominoid ape that went extinct about 100,000 years ago and which may have crossed the Bering Strait while it was still above land and dispersed throughout northern North America. This would make it a cousin of Asia’s “Snow Man” (or Yeti).

The e-journal is called the The Relict Hominoid Inquiry and like other journals prints articles by professional researchers. The first edition includes folklore and pictographs of the Mayak Datat, or “Hairy Man”, which once lived in California.



長さが平均約40センチあるビッグフットの足跡の標本(米アイダホ州立大、ジェフリー・メルドラム准教授所蔵)=山田哲朗撮影 【ワシントン=山田哲朗】北米にいるとされる未知の大型類人猿「ビッグフット」を科学的に研究しようと、米アイダホ州立大が今月、世界初の専門の電子版学術誌を開設した。




(2012年1月24日15時12分 読売新聞)

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