A President with 11 Other Posts

Isabel Carrasco

A President with 11 Other Posts
The leader of the León Council, a member of the Popular Party, accomulates posts and doubles her salary with her salary in allowances and expenses
El País: Presidenta y 11 cargos más
Joaquín Gil reporting from Madrid December 1, 2011

Isabel Carrasco Lorenzo presides over the Council of León (the provincial government). And the Leonese Cultural Institute. And the León Airport Consortium. And the provincial Popular Party… She has 12 posts altogether. On paper, she is only reimbursed for the first – 14 payments of 5700 euros (a gross of 79,800 per annum) – as her collaborators insist. However, between allowances and expenses, this director with two decades of experience in public affairs was reimbursed €158,000 in 2010, according to El País‘s calculations of public documents, revealing a renumeration double that of the salary of then-national president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (€78,184).

Carrasco received €62,151 last year in allowances and travel expenses from Caja España, a bank for which she is a consultant. That included €19,037 for attending the financial institution’s weekly meetings, which were in León until October and in Salamanca after its merger with Caja Duero, and €43,113 to attend monthly events which were also attended by shareholders Invergestión and Inmocaja banks and TINSA, a mortgage valuation organization based in Madrid. Caja Duero-España sold its 9% stake in TINSA in November.

Carrasco, the provincial president of the PP, also received €13,392 last year from the Leonese Cultural Institute, which is dependent on the former organization. Since May, she has been a León City Councilor, so she will receive a complementary €3673 to attend its sessions.

The politician with 12 posts has received close to €200,000 since 2008 in travel expenses, per diem, and hotel stays for attending meetins of Caja España and its shareholders, including Invergestión, Inmocaja, Viproelco, and Tinsa among others: €52,012 in 2008, €56,180 in 2009, €62,151 in 2010, and €30,912 this year.

Carrasco charged Caja España €3,368 for gasoline expenses by mileage in 2008 and 2009 even though she made those trips in official vehicles with a chauffeur from the provincial council, as this newspaper confirmed with four councilors. She had also asked the council to make those expenses complementary.

The León PSOE Wednesday accused the director of embezzlement. The socialists argue that Carrasco “irregularly” charged the public treasury for 1000 kilometers of transportation she made to attend events for Caja España. Socialist Matías Llorente says the PP President traveled with an official council automobile, a blue-black Audi A6 300TDI, to cities outside León more than 40 times.

Isabel Carrasco refused to answer El País‘s questions about the matter: “I neither confirm nor deny this data. All information on this matter should be sought from the financial institution and the Council of León,” she said. The Council of León also limited itself to such a statement.

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