82% of Spaniards Think There is a Significant Amount of Tax Fraud in their Country

82% of Spaniards Think There is a Significant Amount of Tax Fraud in their Country
El País: El 82% de los españoles piensa que los impuestos no se cobran con justicia
Staff Report from Madrid November 29, 2011

Spanish citizens are not content with the collection of their taxes. The Sociological Research Center (CIS) today published the study Public Opinion and Fiscal Policy which highlights that eight of every ten respondents think there is injustice in the tax collection system and there is a high or significant amount of tax fraud.

82% think that those who have more are not paying their fair share, and three of four (75.2%) think the government does little or very little to fight tax fraud. Only 7.2% think there is little fraud.

In addition, there is a perception that punishment is unlikely. Four of every ten respondents (39.6%) think that the risk that those who do not declare their income to Housing or Social Security will be discovered or sanctioned is “rather low”.

Many Taxes
Citizens are also not satisfied with the amount of taxes they pay: 54.2% think that taxes are high in Spain and that they receive relatively little benefit from what they pay to the state. To put it more concretely, 59.1% think they receive less from the government than they pay in taxes. In addition, one of every four people (26.6%) believes that Spaniards pay more taxes than citizens of other European countries.

The CIS study also reflects opinions about the provision of public services and benefits. The services considered most deficient are housing, social security, pensions, and aid for dependents. More than half of Spaniards think funding for each of these fields is “very little” while one of every three (36.2%) think “too much” goes to Defense. 60.7% say they “are in complete disagreement” with reducing social spending (social work, education…) while one of every four would be “in agreement” with reducing public spending on infrastructure.

As for which level of government best administers tax revenue, the most cited was the federal government (18.2%) followed by city hall (16.7%) and autonomous communities (provinces) (16.1%).

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