My Facebook Wall: October 2011

Friends’ prompts and responses are written in italics.

10/1: Baseball game results are so random that the best teams only win 60% of the time, and the league needs a 154-162 game schedule to determine who the best are. The odds of any team winning a best-of-7 and especially a best-of-5 playoff series are nearly 50/50. There’s no way to know who’ll win the World Series, but congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies for being the best team over the long run this season.
10/6: ‎4×4 graph showing how the ECB, Greece, the Market, and Germany see themselves and each other
10/8: Today in my head I have been debating the merits of removing the 35-year age minimum on running for president. I’m flattered, but I don’t think I have enough life experience to do the job well yet! They should allow newly graduated law school students. Their bodies may only be 27, but their souls are 50.
10/11: in terms of football, it’s a good year not to be in indiana. week after week of heartbreak… Don’t be sad! Losing is like winning if it brings us the next Peyton! Besides, Notre Dame is still part of Indiana, and they’re playing better now.
10/13: Every story about this royal wedding is heartwarming. I can only link one, so here’s a piece that describes the ceremony.
10/14: NBA games are being canceled because the team owners want to radically turn the collective bargaining agreement in their favor. They say the cost of doing business is now untenable. If that were true, however, the teams’ net worths would be plummeting, not soaring. The general public is only saying “a pox on both your houses” because the players aren’t representing themselves coherently. Their best advocate is a fan whose contributions to the cause were unsolicited. Fortunately, that fan is Malcolm Gladwell.
10/14: The train jerked and I fell into an old man. So I’m going to watch Transformers 3 tonight as penance.  Still preferable to “the old man jerked and I fell into a train”
10/17: Strange Day Jobs of Authors Before They Were Famous
10/17: I’m looking forward to the new “Footloose”. I’m a member of the very demographic they’re aiming for: no, not women who loved the original movie when it came out in 1984; rather, their children, who heard the soundtrack in the car when their mothers went out to do errands year after year afterward.
10/20: My fellow Americans, the time has come to ask yourselves what you are going to be for Halloween.
10/21: ‎”I know that good does not dwell in me, that is, in my flesh. The willing is ready at hand, but doing the good is not. For I do not do the good I want, but I do the evil I do not want.” I heard this Romans excerpt at Mass this morning, but I didn’t really understand them until I took to the basketball court this afternoon for the first time in 2 years. I had a great time despite losing the struggle against my bad basketball habits, so I’ll be back on the court next Friday!
10/25: ‎2007/09/06: Colts 41, Saints 10. 2010/02/07: Saints 31, Colts 17. 2011/10/23: Saints 62, Colts 7. 2013/11/03: Saints ???, Colts ?
10/27: Levante pulls off the impossible in Spain’s La Liga
10/29: Once again, baseball’s postseason champion is the team which had the worst record going in. At least it was exciting!
10/30: Germany just found a lot of money between its sofa cushions.
10/31: Yesterday I read the following in a Japanese novel: people talk about ‘drinking tea’, but that’s a misnomer. If you’re doing it right, by the time the tea has washed around your mouth so you can fully enjoy the flavor, there is no liquid left to swallow. (Natsume Soseki, 草枕)

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