Longest-Range Headed Goal Ever (58m) Scored in Japanese Second Division

Longest-Range Headed Goal Ever (58m) Scored in Japanese Second Division

YouTube User FootballTsubu: J2ファジアーノ岡山 世界最長級58mヘディングシュート, October 30, 2011

Title: J2 Fagiano Okayama: Longest-Range Headed Goal Ever
Corner Display: J2 Week 33, Yokohama FC vs. Okayama
Transcript: Okay! Yokohama FC and Okayama, the 14th minute of the second half. FC’s keeper makes a goal kick. Okayama’s Ueda (first name Ryūjirō, age 23) heads it…and…somehow…JUST LIKE THAT…GOAL! (Color Man: “Now that’s unusual! That’s surprising.)

Please take another look at it. There. Now, people were saying the field was slippery because it had been raining since before the game started that day, but… After the game, Yokohama FC measured the distance on this über-lucky ball… So, how many meters did it travel?

(Yokohama FC Member Shin Nagamine: “57 meters, 80 centimeters.”) That’s 50 centimeters longer than the 57.30-meter goal made in the Norwegian league this September, considered the longest header on record [currently a Guinness World Applicant]. But it hasn’t yet been decided whether a Guinness application will be made on behalf of this goal.

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