Governor of Osaka Prefecture to Resign and Run for Mayor of Osaka City

Governor of Osaka Prefecture to Resign and Run for Mayor of Osaka City
Yomiuri Shimbun: 橋下知事が21日に辞職表明、くら替え出馬へ
October 20, 2011

After the Osaka Prefectural Legislature adjourns on the 21st, Governor Tōru Hashimoto plans to submit his resignation to Speaker Hitoshi Asada.

Without completing his term, which concludes on February 5, he will leave office on the 31st and run for Mayor of Osaka City in the November 27 election.

The elections for the governor’s and mayor’s offices will be held on the same day. However, prefectural legislators from the Liberal Democratic Party are protesting Hashimoto’s early resignation; if they refuse to attend tomorrow’s meeting, the resignation announcement could be delayed until late at night.

The Prefectural Legislature plans to adjourn at 1:00 PM and vote on a budget revision and other bills. Governor Hashimoto plans to make sure the bills pass, then announce his resignation to Speaker Asada.

According to the Local Autonomy Law, the prefectural legislature’s consent is necessary for the governor to leave office within 30 days of submitting his resignation to the Speaker. Some representatives, particularly those of the Liberal Democratic Party, are saying they “will not simply accept his resignation,” but the Osaka Restoration Group, the majority party whose leader is Governor Hashimoto himself, is expected to consent and let the measure pass.






(2011年10月20日22時08分 読売新聞)

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