Department of Tourism Aims to Give 10,000 Foreigners Free Trips to Japan

Department of Tourism Aims to Give 10,000 Foreigners Free Trips to Japan
Yomiuri Shimbun: 外国人1万人、旅費無料で日本招待…観光庁方針
October 10, 2011

The Japan Tourism Agency, in an aim to revive foreign tourism in Japan after the Great Tōhoku Earthquake precipitated a sharp decline, has settled on a plan to give 10,000 people from around the world tree trips to Japan in 2012.

Recruitment will primarily be done online. If an applicant’s proposed travel plan passes muster, he would receive a free round trip plane ticket to the country.

The traveler would then be expected to post on the Internet about his stay in Japan throughout the journey. The Department expects the reports that Japan is safe and sound to spread throughout the world by word of mouth. In addition, the traveler would fill out a questionnaire and propose a new model trip to Japan. The Department will request ¥1.1 billion ($14.6 million) in the 2012 budget to fund this program.




(2011年10月10日03時00分 読売新聞)

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10 Comments on “Department of Tourism Aims to Give 10,000 Foreigners Free Trips to Japan”

  1. I am a 54 year old man with a 57 year old wife, we have never been to japan and would like to go some day. are web site is thank you

  2. Mom Says:

    Will have to keep this hip working–every time you go somewhere you always see something new. Would like to see a lot of the areas where “Make a Difference” has been helping the Japanese get back on their feet.


  3. Shau Says:

    I am 22 and my cousin is 19. We’re from the Maldives and we would love to visit Japan and help them in every way we can. You can reply us on We’d love to hear from you.

  4. mcb Says:

    i wish i could avail the free trip to japan. please… please..

  5. Daniel Says:

    I’m 17 and I’ll be 18 next year, my girlfriend is already 18, we’ll do everything to go to Japan and even help somehow if we can. My e-mail is, it’s been a dream of our life. We would love to hear from you about making the application for a free trip.

  6. Irina Lemmer Says:

    I am 28 and german, my husband 27 mexican. We love to travel and would love to visit Japan even if we are afraid a little bit. But I want to make the difference: visit this country even if the people will tell me that I am crazy and tell everybody what we have seen and done there. Viva Japan!!!

  7. lala Says:

    well, Japan is not safe right now. I don’t think this is good idea to go Japan this time even it’s free.

  8. Fanny Says:

    I’m a 24 years old french student, I’ve already travell once in Japan but only 14 days what is really short to see everything about this wonderfull country. I would love to go back there. My first purpose is to climb the Fuji mountain with my friend kazumi who is from the Koichi. Please help me to achieve this dream of ours. How can I get the application to this free trip?

  9. Lamour Says:

    I am Coraline, 23 and I would love to go to Japan. I’ve never been there but I know many people who went and told me that it’s a wonderful country. Please let me enjoy Japan :D

    A very good friend is in Kyoto right now (his mother is Japonese) and I would be so happy to meet him and go on a trip all around Japan.

    Well, where do I sign? :p

  10. Kathy Siegel Says:

    I would love to visit Japan and help any way I could. My son has lived there for over 6 years and everyone he has met has been so helpful to him.

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