Auto Powered by Air Alone Accelerates to 129 km/h

Auto Powered by Air Alone Accelerates to 129 km/h
Yomiuri Shimbun: 燃料は空気で時速129キロ!…空気エンジン車
September 22, 2011

A car designed by Toyota Motor Company whose engine uses pressurized air as fuel has entered the testing stage, the company announced at a press conference on the 22nd.

A young engineer who belongs to the company’s “Dream Car Shop” designed the auto over the last two years. He remodeled the air compresser used for Toyota autos’ AC units so that the energy released when air expanded would power the engine. The car uniquely uses neither gasoline or electricity and does not even expel CO2.

The automobile is a 3.5 meter three-wheel car designed to carry one person lying on his back like a race car driver. The engine has only 15 horsepower, but because the car is made of a carbon fiber alloy, it only weighs 100 kg. During a test this September 9, it attained a high speed of 129 km/hr. The company will soon send the data to Guinness for confirmation as the new world record for fastest air-powered automobile.




(2011年9月22日18時14分 読売新聞)

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