Prime Ministerial Candidate Noda Proposes Grand Alliance With Opposition Parties

Prime Ministerial Candidate Noda Proposes Grand Alliance With Opposition Parties
Yomiuri Shimbun: 野田氏、自公との大連立目指す意向…TV番組で
1:23 PM August 13, 2011

Financial Minister Noda reiterated on Tokyo TV this morning that he plans to run for Prime Minister after Mr. Naoto Kan resigns from office and added that he would pursue an alliance with the Liberal Democratic Party and Komeitō in order to create a “Cabinet to Save the Country”.

With the announcement by Mr. Noda, an influential candidate, that he would seek a grand alliance in order to gain the government a new mandate, inter-party debates about the nature of cooperation between the ruling and rump parties are sure to be more spirited both before and after the new Prime Minister is chosen.

Mr. Noda said, “The parties should speak to each other openly and create a cabinet to save the country. If there isn’t an alliance, the government can’t make progress. We in the majority party must bow our heads and knock on the front doors of the minority parties to ask them for help.

At a press conference after the television program, he said “I’d like to make policies that address the concerns the Liberal Democratic Party and Komeitō voice in three-party talks.” The goal of the grand alliance would be “to revive the Tōhoku reconstruction efforts and resolve the cleanup and control of the nuclear accident.”






(2011年8月13日13時23分 読売新聞)

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