Chinese Train Station Official Discloses That Destruction of Accident Evidence is Normal Procedure

Chinese Train Station Official Discloses That Destruction of Accident Evidence is Normal Procedure
Yomiuri Shimbun: 鉄道事故の証拠隠滅、以前から…駅責任者が暴露
Takanori Saigō reporting from Beijing 1:56 PM August 1, 2011

The destruction of evidence from the Wenzhou high speed rail accident exemplified by the burial of train cars “is the same thing that’s always done; this time there was just more media attention,” said an important train station official in the August 1 edition of the Economic Observer.

As the Chinese government has controlled reporting about the accident and the railway ministry has denied destroying evidence, the refutations contained in this article are extraordinary.

The newspaper published an 8-page special report criticizing the indifferent rescue effort, which was temporarily halted at one point, and the failure to run a thorough investigation. The station official criticized the Chinese government’s culture of concealment: “When there’s a problem with the railway, the railway officials think about how they can avoid taking responsibility for it.” He also corroborated the argument that human error helped cause the accident: “It was no secret within the organization that the railway signals don’t respond well during emergencies. The person on duty should have used wireless communication to inform the conductors of the situation.”

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