Spanish Vignette: My Business Career

Yo Soy Uno de Ellos

1. Thanks to my father, I obtain a degree in Business Studies from a posh university…
2. …for which my uncle Giulio signs me as a top executive in Buckets of Money, Incorporated…
3. …where for three years I do the work given to me, increasing our net worth by 145%…
4. …after these “brilliant results”, I obtain the prestigious Winner Mucha Past, which gets me a contract for Oligipol, Incorporated…
5. …where I repeat the “spectacular results” from Buckets of Money, for which I receive an offer I can’t refuse from Boiling Bank…
6. …in two years I increase our net worth 307%…
7. …at 32 years of age and after 7 years of “work”, I retire with a 2 million euro annual pension.
8. Today, five years after my “sensational results”, Buckets of Money, Oligopol, and Boiling Bank are all bankrupt and need 2.45 billion euros from the State.

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