Nadeshiko, Wearing Gold Medals, Return Home to Cheering Fans and Prime Minister’s Plaudits

Japanese Women's Football Team in Narita Airport with World Cup Trophy
Ms. Yamago (left), Ms. Sawa (right), and the rest of Nadeshiko Japan arrive in Narita Airport with the World Cup trophy. Photo by Hikaru Hayashi.

Nadeshiko Return Home with Gold Medals Draped Around Necks, Greeted by 400 Fans at Narita Airport
Yomiuri Shimbun: 金メダルを首になでしこ帰国…ファンら400人
10:56 AM July 19, 2011

The Japanese women’s football team, which won the sixth Women’s World Cup in Germany for its first world championship, returned home on the morning of the 19th.

In the lobby of Narita Airport, the team was welcomed by 400 early-rising fans and the flashes of countless cameras.

Coach Norio Sasaki (age 53), Most Valuable Player Homare Sawa (32, INAC), and the other 20 players took their gold medals off their necks in the arrival lobby to show them to the fans, who spontaneously erupted in cheers for Japan. Shouts like “Omedetou!” (“Congratulations!”) and “Otsukaresama!” (“Your exhaustion is honorable!”) also filled the air.

According to the Narita Airport Company, the 260 journalists on site were the most since the airport opened in 1978.

The L-League, where Captain Sawa and the majority of the team members ply their trade and which this newspaper sponsors, begins its season on Sunday the 24th with games across Japan.

Prime Minister Kan on Nadeshiko’s Victory: “I Won’t Give Up, Either”
Yomiuri Shimbun: 菅首相、なでしこVで「私もあきらめない」
July 20

On a morning meeting of the Japanese House of Representatives Budget Committee, Prime Minister Kan said of the women’s national football team’s World Cup victory in Germany, “‘Never Give Up’: the team’s indefagitable determination brought about this stupendous achievement. All our citizens, especially those in the disaster area, received great courage from them,” he said in praise.

On top of that, he said “Nadeshiko Japan made me feel like I should never give up, either,” an expression of his desire to continue leading the government.

At a press conference on the same day, Cabinet Secretary Edano said of Nadeshiko Japan, “We in the government would also like to honor the team for its heroic achievement.” The government is currently discussing conferring the Prime Minister’s Commendation on the team.









(2011年7月19日10時56分 読売新聞)





(2011年7月19日11時05分 読売新聞)

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