Kaiō Earns 1046th Sumo Victory, Breaking Chiyonofuji’s Career Record

Kaiō's 1046th Victory
Kaiō forces Kyokutenhō from the ring for his 1046th career victory, the most ever by a sumo wrestler. Photo by Yoshikazu Okunishi.

Kaiō Earns 1046th Sumo Victory, Breaking Chiyonofuji’s Career Record
New record holder modestly says this is just the initial phase of his record-breaking since he is also on his way to having the most losses ever.
Yomiuri Shimbun: 魁皇、通算1046勝…千代の富士抜き単独1位; やっと序盤が終わっただけ…新記録達成の魁皇
July 14, 2011

On the 5th day of the Grand Sumo Tournament in Nagoya (July 14, Aichi Gym), ōzeki Kaiō (age 38, legal name Hirayuki Koga, member of the Tomozuna stable) defeated Kyokutenhō to earn his 1046th career victory, a new record in the sport.

Kaiō used one of his signature moves, pulling his opponent’s belt with a right overarm grip, to force Kyokutenhō from the ring.

Kaiō tied Chiyonofuji’s 20-year old record by winning yesterday, and today he set a new standard. (Chiyonofuji is now an oyakata, or coach, with the stage name Kokonoe.)

The new world record holder said, “As far as numbers go, this is just the first record I’m going to break, since I’m also on the way to having the most losses ever. That said, I couldn’t be happier.”

Note: Ōzeki is the second-highest rank in sumo. Kaiō has never been a yokozuna, but his longevity is unmatched.





(2011年7月14日17時41分 読売新聞)




(2011年7月14日19時08分 読売新聞)

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