NE Japan Earthquake Day 119: Only 20% of Relief Donations Has Made it to the Victims So Far

NE Japan Earthquake Day 119: Only 20% of Relief Donations Has Made it to the Victims So Far
Yomiuri Shimbun: 大震災義援金、被災者まで届いたのは約2割
July 7, 2011

Of the 294.7 billion yen (~$3.64 billion) the Japanese Red Cross and three other groups have collected in Tōhoku disaster relief donations, only 59.6 billion yen (20%) have been delivered to the victims so far, according to Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare statistics released on the 7th.

Minister Hosokawa took questions on the matter during budget discussions in the Lower House. Regarding the distribution delay, he explained, “[These groups] have been too busy with their top priorities, which are running the refugee centers and delivering emergency assistance. Getting local governments back on their feet also took time.” Prime Minister Kan said, “We can’t deny there isn’t enough manpower. I’d like to put more effort into planning [the dispatch of workers to needy areas].”

According to the Ministry, the four groups who collected the money have sent 234.7 billion yen (80%) to the governments of the 15 prefectures affected by the disaster. 155.6 billion of that (53% of the total) has been passed on to municipal governments. Most of the money is still sitting in municipal, regional, and NGO coffers and hasn’t been distributed to victims.




(2011年7月7日20時25分 読売新聞)

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