My Facebook Wall: June 2011

My friends’ messages and subject prompts are in italics.

6/1: Tomorrow could be Naoto Kan’s last day as Prime Minister of Japan. Three opposition parties are bringing a vote of no confidence to the floor; 5 deputy cabinet ministers are resigning to support it, and his fellow party members Hatoyama (the last Prime Minister) and Ozawa (the leader of the party’s rival faction) plan to do so as well. His party, which holds the majority of seats in the lower house, would have to make a new government. He’s so stressed he accidentally referred to the leader of the opposition party as “Prime Minister Tanigaki” today.
6/2: Kan survived the no-confidence vote after cutting a deal with his own party. He’ll step down after the Diet passes a revised budget to account for rebuilding [likely by the end of the summer].
6/2: I heard this when it came out and thought being 25 sounded pretty exciting. And it is.
6/3: For the first time in three years, I have two free weeks and no travel plans! There are so many things I want to do that I can’t wait to get started.
6/3: Happiness is fleeting. Sadness is also fleeting, then.
6/3: God bless everyone who’s leaving our school! (I’m staying another year.)
6/4: LeBron Ditches Space Jam
6/5: I just helped a Japanese high school friend translate a letter. Hopefully, together we can convince the Jonas Brothers to come to Japan.
6/10: 江山易改,本性難移 – “Rivers and mountains are easier to change than human nature.” 昨天在台大學生餐廳兩個從加州來的基督教徒突然跟我講話,討論神學。當時爲了表示相信耶穌的人不一定是「好人」,我教了他們那個句子。
6/10: RIP Activist and Proto-Rapper Gil Scott-Heron (1949-2011). Another of his must-listen poems is “Whitey on the Moon”.
6/12: Man, the Heat have gotten so much bad press that I just dreamt that LeBron James and Dwyane Wade robbed my house. Chris Bosh took the night off.
6/12: Happy Father’s Day to my mentor, Jim Smyth. I may not have let on that I was heeding his example, but now in most ways I am like him. By the way, Taiwanese Father’s Day is on August 8th because 8/8 is pronunced “Baba”. Get it? Western Father’s Day is officially next Sunday…so let’s call this the beginning of a week of Father’s Day festivities!
6/12: Favorite part of morning routine? Mass.
6/13: About “A Game of Thrones”: All the bitterness in the story makes the hope and light all the sweeter because you know your heroes really earned it. They overcome enemies who will stop at nothing in a world that’s absolutely realistic and impartial. The books affect me so much because they’re so honest about what the world is like while still capturing the wonder of it all.
6/14: Basketball and Jazz: ‎‎”For too long, we’ve mistaken the speed and spontaneity of basketball and jazz as evidence that these forms of entertainment are simple and facile, somehow less complicated than football or Wagner. But nothing could be further from the truth…these improvised creations only exist because their creators have internalized the necessary set of patterns, training their brain to execute astonishingly difficult calculations in the blink of an eye. As a result, they’re able to see what we cannot, envisioning rebounds and passing lanes and melodies that the rest of us can’t even comprehend.”
6/17: ‎”What did you do over break?” “I went to karaoke three times.” “Wow! You have a lot of friends who love singing!” “You could say that…actually I went with [my friend] Andrew Chan every time.”
6/17: I’m starting to really like Grantland. I feel like I’m its target audience.
6/18: In response to a Books Vs. Kindle post: Do you ever go through a folder on your computer and reminisce about old documents? I would if I hadn’t had 2 break down on me before I could back them up…
6/19: Dad requested the following Father’s Day present: that I confess my sins and repent. To Mass and Confession I went, and now I’m contemplating my Heavenly Father’s mercy and grace. “The Tree of Life” was the perfect movie for this day.
6/20: I often kick it up a notch after telling myself to “Be a man!” Do ladies ever pump themselves up by saying “Be a woman”?
6/21: RIP Clarence Clemons, E Street Band Saxophonist
6/21: ‎”To prove his love for her, he climbed the highest mountain, swam the deepest ocean, and crossed the widest desert. But she left him – he was never at home.” (I found this joke in Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps, a fun and eye-opening book about recent scientific studies of gender differences.)
6/22: About Abusive Teachers: I think the hottest places in hell are for those who abuse authority and abdicate responsibility, and I pray that if I’m in such a position one day, I’ll have the strength and courage to serve people well.
6/22: New resolution: only think of myself from now on! I thank you on behalf of everyone you’ve helped until now! I’ve seen you make a difference in people’s lives, and that moved me.
6/25: NBA Draft Thoughts: I think everyone who passed on Faried is going to regret it, my team included, and the Celts especially should have traded up for him. He’s a genius of rebounding. The foreigners are variables as always. Kahwi Leonard will be better than George Hill, and Derrick Williams will be great.
6/26: The Japanese name for the hippocampus is the “seahorse” (海馬). And that is actually what “hippocampus” means in the original Greek as well.
6/28: Upon a friend completing the Pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela: I remember praying for DA7 for a weekend inside that cathedral…I spent two full days inside and kept seeing new things and having new experiences. What a beautiful place. I saw a bit of the walk when I visited Navarre, as well, and wished I had time to do the whole thing. I’ve recommended the pilgrimage to people who are looking for that kind of experience, and I’m thrilled to now have a friend who’s done it himself. Peace be with you!
6/29: ‎”I live my life like a burning man, and I won’t get enough until my legs are broken!”
6/30: I just found my black dress shoes in the hallway of the music building. Which is open to the public. No one had touched them. For a month. Hallelujah. The story: I wore a costume at school for a presentation. On the way home, I stopped to play the piano, and I forgot my shoes there because I wasn’t accustomed to carrying them around with me. I didn’t realize they were missing because I didn’t need them for so long. The building staff said, “Shoes? On the fourth floor? You mean those massive clogs that have been there forever? We’ve been wondering who wears shoes that big!”
6/30: Just came back from my second interview with the Department of Justice. I think I did really well, although one interviewer mentioned that I “crushed (her) hand” when we shook hands. Note to self: don’t crush any more interviewers. You should have said ‎”My right hand is JUSTICE. My left hand is mercy.”

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