NE Japan Earthquake Day 105: American Water Treatment System Only 1/20 as Effective as Expected on First Day of Trial at Fukushima

American Water Treatment System Only 1/20 as Effective as Expected on First Day of Trial at Fukushima
June 23, 2011

On the 22nd, Tokyo Power announced that the sewage treatment system currently undergoing a trial run at Fukushima I Nuclear Reactor, which was set up by the American company Kurion, only decreased contamination by 1/20 of the necessary amount. Because the water was not successfully treated, it still cannot be reused for cooling, and there are worries the container will eventually flood. Tokyo Power said it is planning to expand the dirty water container by 1500 tons, but because of recent high levels of precipitation, that tank could fill even sooner than the current estimate of 11 days from now.

According to Tokyo Power, Kurion’s equipment was able to decrease the contamination of lightly radiated water to less than 1/1000 of its original level, as expected, but it only decreased the radiation of the highly contaminated water which has been mixed with salt water to 1/50 its previous level.

Kurion’s sewage treatment equipment has been combined with the French company Areva’s desalination system. The water can only be reused if it is desalinated, but after desalination its radiation must be reduced to less than 1/10,000 of its original level. Areva’s equipment is said to decrease radiation by 1/400 itself. It’s not known whether the two companies’ systems together are enough to dispose of the problem.

Fukushima Trial Water Treatment System

Expectations and Results for Water Treatment System
1. Remove Oil
2. Absorb Cesium (Kurion): Expected to Decrease Contamination to 1/1000 of Previous Level, Actually Decreased to 1/50
3. Remove Cesium and Sedimentation (Areva): Expected to Decrease Contamination to 1/1000 of Previous Level, Now Forecast to Decrease it to 1/400
4. Contaminated Water Becomes Fresh Water




(2011年6月23日00時22分 読売新聞)

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