Toyota President: “We’ve Already Breached Our Limits by Manufacturing in Japan”

Toyota President: “We’ve Already Breached Our Limits by Manufacturing in Japan”
Yomiuri Shimbun: トヨタ社長「日本で物づくり、限界超えた」
June 11, 2011

Japanese industry’s dissatisfaction over electricity shortages is strengthening.

At a press conference on the 10th, Toyota President Akio Toyoda pleaded for “stable supply, safety, and secure distribution.” The president expressed fear that because of electrical shortages and the strong yen, the company “has already breached its limits by manufacturing in Japan.”

Other companies are rumbling about moving their operations from eastern Japan to the western side of the country.

NTT Data is already planning to move several thousand of its servers from Tokyo to Kansai, but because of the government’s electricity-saving measures, “from now, it will look into moving these operations abroad.”

Toshiba is also moving west – for example, it is transferring some of its semiconductor production from Iwate to Himeji – but it said cryptically, “This is only an emergency action. We will discuss our official response in the future.”

For more information: Toyota plays good cop-bad cop currency kabuki by Hans Greimel, Asia editor for Automotive News







(2011年6月11日10時04分 読売新聞)

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