My Facebook Wall: May 2011

5/1: I had Korean barbecue for dinner. It still wasn’t as manly as “Thor.”
5/2: (After Osama bin Laden’s Death) I am grateful to the United States Military for its protection, today as ever.
5/5: ‎”When you’re holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”
5/6: This Sunday is Mother’s Day! “Charm is deceptive and beauty fleeting; a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. Give her a reward for her labors, and let her works praise her at the city gates.” 「姿色是虛幻,美麗是泡影;敬畏上主的女人,纔堪當受人讚美。願她享受她雙手操勞的成果! 願她的事業在城門口使她受讚揚!」
5/9: Cheers to Phil Jackson. “Everything ends badly; otherwise it wouldn’t end.”
5/9: The most touching song/comment combo I can remember seeing on YouTube.
5/10: In Taipei, when it rains, you get out your umbrella, and when it’s sunny…you get out your umbrella.
5/10: 「於我心有戚戚焉」「以心傳心」「辭不達意」「不可理喻」「生死與共」等等…「思想與社會」的目的到底是教我們怎麽談戀愛嗎?
5/11: How was I lucky enough to be born in an era when I can listen to any song at any time?
5/13: What’s one of your favorite titles to a song? I’ll start us off with “All the Things You Are.”
5/15: The Onion riffs on a baseball star whose parents don’t understand his job.
5/15: George R.R. Martin is coming to my hometown of Carmel, Indiana! Barnes & Noble, July 16, 2:00 PM. He’s the author of an excellent series of fantasy novels which is the source material of HBO’s “A Game of Thrones.” If anyone’s going, could you please stop by my house on the way and pick up my hardcover copy of the last book so he can sign it? Thanks!
5/17: What’s your 看法 on Taiwanese miso soup? It’s way different from J-style (for example, no wakame) but I still like it. I’m having egg miso soup for dinner, and it’s so thick it might be all I need for dinner.
5/17: 最可靠的文本編輯器還是「記事本」呢。
5/18: Jay Chou has a reputation here for mumbling, and I can really hear it on this old track. Great song though.
5/19: Someone brought up buying an engagement ring, and it called to mind the one radio advertisement I know by heart: ‎a single man saying matter-of-factly, “For service, selection, quality, and value, now YOU have a friend in the diamond business: The Shane Company. Located at 96th Street & Hague Road, just east of I-69. Open Monday through Friday ’til 8, Saturday and Sunday ’til 5.”
5/19: A story worth telling about Hunter the Punter!
5/19: Baseball: Bryce Harper and good ideas for interleague.
5/22: Even the dogs in Japan are more reserved than I am!
5/23: (After Mitch Daniels’s Withdrawal) Do you have to be crazy to run for president?
5/25: Whenever I write the bottom radical of 牽 (牽連) I think “OOOOOOOOMUTA!” (大牟田)
5/25: (To a friend feeling sad about leaving Japan soon for a new job) Now you can let someone else have the same experience you did!
5/25: Pop is boring in comparison.
5/26: Texas: 732,800 new private-sector jobs in the past ten years. #2: Arizona with 90,200. The #1 venture capital market in the world is the US. #2 is Israel. The more you know*!
5/27: Spanish Cool
5/27: Mark Zuckerberg’s New Challenge: eating only what he kills
5/29: Happy 33rd Anniversary to my parents, and Happy 23rd Birthday to my sister Trish Smyth!

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One Comment on “My Facebook Wall: May 2011”

  1. JimSmyth Says:

    awesome posts! great links! Thanks! I loved Verlander’s story, the music, and the dog videos. Cool!

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