NE Japan Earthquake Day 72: Prime Minister: “What I Told Our Citizens Was Fundamentally Wrong”

NE Japan Earthquake Day 72: Prime Minister: “What I Told Our Citizens Was Fundamentally Wrong”
Yomiuri Shimbun: 首相「国民に言ったこと根本的に違っていた」
Staff Report, May 21, 2011

On a Budget Committee meeting on the 20th, Prime Minister Kan apologized for the meltdown at Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima I Nuclear Reactor two months after the Great Tōhoku Earthquake: “What I told our citizens was fundamentally wrong. Tokyo Power’s predictions were incorrect, and the government couldn’t do anything about it. That is inexcusable.”

About the second revision to the 2011 budget proposed by opposition parties aiming to revive the country’s post-earthquake fortunes, Mr. Kan said, “If it’s urgent, I’d like to advance it in Parliament,” suggesting the proposal could be formally made this legislative session. Regarding the increasing number of voices in his own party asking for his resignation, he said emphatically, “I cannot throw away my responsibilities in the middle of earthquake recovery efforts.”

On the Korean Parliament’s planned visit to the Japanese-controlled Kuril Islands off Hokkaido, Mr. Kan said, “We are confirming the facts. Once we have, we’ll respond.” If Korean plans are confirmed, he plans to protest them.

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