Twin Sisters Reunited 50 Years After Birth

Reunited Twins
Vicky Marcos meets her twin sister, María José (left), 50 years later

Twin Sisters Reunited 50 Years After Birth
ADN tests should prove that a resident of León and a woman adopted in Valencia are sisters. The doctors and nuns in the maternity ward had told the parents one of them had died.
El País: Dos gemelas se reencuentran 50 años después de su nacimiento
Jesús Duva and Natalia Junquera reporting from Madrid May 11, 2011

Vicky Marcos Fuentes has just met her twin sister, María José, fifty years after their birth. The latter was presumably stolen in León, where the two were born in 1959, and given to a couple in Valencia, where she has spent her entire life. Though they are still waiting for proof from ADN, the two are identical, “like two drops of water,” according to the family. “When I saw María José, I felt like I was looking in a mirror. And above all, she seemed like someone I knew very well, even though we’d never seen each other,” said Vicky.

Vicky Marcos, resident of Santa María del Páramo, León, said that she has read El País since the first day it hit news stands. A month and a half ago, she read a report about three women searching for their twins, convinced that they had not passed away, as doctors of the era had said, but rather that they were stolen and given up for irregular adoptions. “I knew that I had had a twin sister, but they told my parents she had died. We never worried about it because we took it as fact that she had died. But after seeing that report, I started to have suspicions. I had my daughter Déborah look into it.”

Déborah started to investigate and found multiple irregularities. She knew that her grandmother, Pilar, despite the risks, had had a radiography done in 1959, and it had confirmed that she was carrying two daughters (she had given birth to twin boys before). There was not, then, mere suspicion that she had given birth to twins, as in similar cases.

On August 18, 1959, Pilar Fuentes gave birth to two babies in the old maternity ward of León. Soon after, she was told that one of them had died. She was not permitted to see the cadaver or even bury it. Pilar and her husband accepted what the nuns and medical doctors told them though they did not receive any supporting documentation. The two simply took their word for it.

After reading El País‘s report, Déborah contacted victims’ associations, and her mother Vicky recounted her suspicions to the León edition of El Mundo. The photo from that story was seen in Valencia by the husband of María José, who was searching for her family after hearing more than 30 years before that she had been adopted by a Valencian couple. María José’s husband told her: “there’s a photo on the Internet of a woman who’s identical to you, and she’s searching for her twin sister.”

Resolved on a reunion, María José called Santa María del Páramo City Hall to ask for Vicky’s telephone number or contact information. Last weekend, the two met and kissed in León. “We went to find her in the bus station. It was incredible. I felt like my sister was returning from a long journey. We recognized each other immediately. Our laugh is the same, and we have the same gestures,” Vicky recalled, unable to hide her emotion. Today, the pair will undergo analysis to scientifically confirm their bloodlines.

If María José is Vicky’s twin sister, then who is buried in her name in the cemetery of Puente Castro (León)? Déborah, Vicky’s daughter, found a death certificate signed by Doctor José Vega Villalonga which states that one of the sisters died of asphyxiation. She was supposedly buried in a common grave at the roots of a grove. But is there actually a cadaver there? What will happen if ADN ratifies that Vicky and María José are twins? How could this come to pass to a couple who adopted the girl believing that she had been abandoned by her mother?

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