Mid-to-Late July Precipitation on the Sea of Japan Side of Japan Has Risen 54% in the Last Century

Rainfall on Sea of Japan Coast from July 11-31, 1901-2009Change in Precipitation during Late Rainy Season (July 11-31). The red trend-line is for the Sea of Japan side of Japan. The blue trend-line is for the Pacific Ocean side. The base value of “100” is the average rainfall for 1901-1930.

Mid-to-Late July Precipitation on the Sea of Japan Side of Japan Has Risen 54% in the Last Century
Yomiuri Shimbun: 梅雨末期、日本海側の降水量100年で54%増
Staff Report, May 17, 2011

Average late rainy season [7/11-31] precipitation on the side of the country facing the Sea of Japan has risen 54% over the last 100 years, according to analysis from Japan’s National Weather Bureau.

The seasonal rain front stays on the Sea of Japan side longer than it did before; it is possibly a consequence of global warming.

An announcement will be made at the Japanese Weather Study Conference which begins on the 18th.

According to Weather Bureau researcher Toyokazu Endō, the change in the timing and quantity of rainfall was measured at 37 research facilities stretching from Hokkaido to Kyushu. Precipitation at the beginning of rainy season [June 1-20] has fallen 20% across the country, but rain has increased dramatically on the Sea of Japan side during the end of the season [July 11-31]. Since 1957, there have been 8 years with 2.5 times more rainfall than the national average from 1901-1930. Rainfall on the Pacific Ocean side has not changed much.

Data also proves that rainy season is beginning later; it’s possible that global warming has induced the Pacific Ocean’s high pressure front not to approach Japan and has affected precipitation patterns.

Mr. Endō said, “I’d live to reveal long-term changes during the entirety of rainy season using computer models.”

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