NE Japan Earthquake Day 58: The Government Says “The Other Reactors are Fine” Without Sufficient Explanation, Causing Ripples in Communities Around Genkai and Kawauchi Plants

NE Japan Earthquake Day 58: The Government Says “The Other Reactors are Fine” Without Sufficient Explanation, Causing Ripples in Communities Around Genkai and Kawauchi Plants
Yomiuri Shimbun: 「他原発は大丈夫」説明なし…玄海・川内に波紋
Staff Report, May 8, 2011

The national government has requested that the Hamaoka Nuclear Reactor halt operations, but it has approved the emergency tsunami defense plans of all other reactors.

The government is also pushing restarts and continuation of operations at Kyushu Electric Company’s Genkai Reactor (in Genkai, Saga Prefecture) and Kawauchi Reactor (in Satsuma-Kawauchi City, Kagoshima), but it has not given a sufficient explanation about why the Hamaoka Reactor isn’t safe but all the others are, which is causing ripples in local governments close to reactors.

On the 7th, Saga Governor Yasushi Furukawa said on Twitter, “As the governor of an area with a nuclear reactor, I have a bad feeling about this complicated situation.” Genkai Reactor Nos. 2 and 3 are undergoing scheduled investigations, and Nos. 1 and 4 are in action. Kyushi Electric would like to bring the second and third reactors online by the middle of next month.

“If there’s a problem in Hamaoka, couldn’t there be problems elsewhere? The reason seems to be probability. It’s not a place with zero chance of suffering an earthquake,” Governor Furukawa continued before laying bare his concerns over what an acceptable risk level should be. He asked the national government to quickly explain how it evaluated reactors’ safety levels.

“Why is the Prime Minister only bringing up Hamaoka and not announcing that it has confirmed the safety of other reactors, starting with Genkai?” fumed Genkai resident Eiyū Kishimoto. “Its announcement that the other reactors are fine doesn’t have any meat on it. It isn’t concerned enough about this issue,” he said, disbelief building.

The construction of Reactor No. 3 in Kawauchi was halted after the Fukushima disaster. Restrictions on agricultural shipments and a rumored increase in the number of victims in the area around the Fukushima reactor have come as a shock to the JA North Satsuma farmers’ and ranchers’ collective (about 13,000 official members) in Satsuma-Kawauchi, Isa, and Satsuma cities.








(2011年5月8日14時11分 読売新聞)

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