Making Pro-Life Words Count

It’s Good Friday. Not many topics are appropriate for a somber day like this, so I’ll write a bit more about something that haunts me.

I think every child should get a chance at life. Even if my circumstances were difficult and there was no one to take care of me, I would rather exist than not exist – there’s something of value to be found everywhere. I think unborn children are already human, and so I oppose abortion. I even oppose exceptions for cases of rape and incest restrictions; rape and incest are terrible crimes, but the children resulting from them are as human as anyone else, and it isn’t their fault they were conceived in the wrong time and place.

With big words comes great responsibility.

If you want to make more children come into the world, you have to take care of them when they’re here. That doesn’t mean supporting government-sponsored health care or welfare – those are means, not ends, which should be judged on their effectiveness rather than their intent – but it does demand charitable work and giving. I recently donated to this organization, a crisis pregnancy center in my hometown which is doing great work. It has Catholic roots, and in fact many crisis pregnancy centers are Christian, which shows some other people are thinking the same way I am.

If I personally had to choose today between (1) the future I want and (2) taking care of a baby with nowhere else to go, I’d give up my future. I decided that five years ago and I feel that even more strongly after seeing single mothers of my students who didn’t regret their decisions. I have one life, and any other person’s is just as valuable as mine.

Retort: “James, I would love to see you give up your career prospects to raise unwanted children. I will also donate my entire (sizable) stock portfolio to charity the day that it happens.”

Response: I think my talents are more suitable to language work than social work, so that’s why I’m working in this field over here, not in an orphanage, but memories of the poverty I saw in India and challenges like this are what push me to work hard every day. I’m not retreating from my commitment; there just aren’t any children right now that I’m in a unique circumstance to care for. But I’m giving what I can.

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