NE Japan Earthquake Day 35: Experts: New Magnitude 8 Earthquake and Tsunami Highly Probable, Could Occur This Month

Experts: New Magnitude 8 Earthquake and Tsunami Highly Probable, Could Occur This Month
Yomiuri Shimbun: 津波伴うM8級、1か月内にも再来…専門家
April 14, 2011

Experts say a giant magnitude 8 earthquake on the eastern side of the region which produced the Great Tōhoku Earthquake is highly probable. Several research institutes are investigating.

Because the drag on the Pacific plate in the Japan Trench is gaining strength, another earthquake accompanied by a tsunami could occur as soon as this month.

The Great Tōhoku Earthquake, magnitude 9.0, was a megathrust earthquake; the rupture on the border between the Pacific Plate and the Sanriku Plate realigned the balance of forces in the region, inviting more quakes to occur.

Shinji Tōda, Associate Professor in Earthquake Geology at the Kyoto Disaster Prevention Research Institute, realized while studying GPS data that the drag on the Pacific plate was strengthening. This is the same mechanism that caused the 1896 Meiji Sanriku Earthquake and the 1937 Sanriku Earthquake. “If an earthquake like 1937’s happened today, a 10-meter tsunami would come into Sendai, according to our calculations,” he said.






(2011年4月14日19時01分 読売新聞)

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