Shintarō Ishihara, Age 78, Wins Fourth Term as Governor of Tokyo

A week before the Great Tōhoku Earthquake, Tokyo Governor Shintarō Ishihara appeared to be on his way to retirement, but the crisis changed his course: you don’t change horses in midstream. I wish him health and success. I also look forward to translating more of his candid and casual remarks.

Governor Ishihara Receives Congratulations

4th Term Governor Ishihara: “If We Aren’t Frugal, Japan Won’t Last Much Longer”
Yomiuri Shimbun: 4選石原氏「つましくしないと日本もたない」
April 10, 2011

Shintarō Ishihara, his reelection for a fourth term as governor confirmed, said at the metropolitan government office, “If you’d like to know what I plan to do during my fourth term, I can tell you now: the same things I’ve been doing the last three, plus the disaster response. Tokyo is Japan’s dynamo. If Tokyo stops, Japan stops. Things are going to be difficult for Japan from here no out. We need self-sacrifice. If we aren’t frugal, Japan won’t last much longer. We need to stand shoulder to shoulder with each other and scrum.”

Governor Ishihara Suggests Citizens “Resist Pachinko and Vending Machines”
Yomiuri Shimbun: 「パチンコ我慢、自販機なくても」石原氏が持論
April 10, 2011

Shintarō Ishihara, just elected to a fourth term as Governor of Tokyo, said at a city hall press conference on the night of the 10th of electricity shortages stemming from the Fukushima I Reactor disaster, “Japan is the only country in the world in which pachinko and vending machines put together use almost 10 million killowatt hours of electricity per day. We need to reform our lifestyles. It would be good for the government to order us to save electricity. Pachinko players, please resist the game, and we can live without vending machines,” he opined.

Governor Ishihara Says DPJ Defeated Because it Recruited Inexperienced Candidates
Yomiuri Shimbun: 民主敗北、未熟な人の集まりだから…石原知事
April 11, 2011

Shintarō Ishihara (78), reelected to a fourth term as Governor of Tokyo after receiving more than 2.6 million votes, said on the morning following the election that he will continue wearing protective clothing in his public appearances to show solidarity with the areas damaged by the Great Tōhoku Earthquake.

A little after 10:00 AM, while bowing in greeting and entering the metropolitan government office, Mr. Ishihara said, “The national government has switched back to its old wardrobe, but we aren’t in that state of mind yet. They won’t open up the region around the nuclear power plant, but they’re looking nice in their suits and neckties, aren’t they?” he jabbed at the ruling Democratic Party of Japan.

He said of that party’s defeats in the first half of the country’s local elections, “Well, it was a fait accompli. They recruited inexperienced people.” “Pachinko’s not a very sophisticated game; the amount of electricity we’re pumping into it is comical. I think we need to take a hard look at ourselves as a society,” he said, repeating the “Ishihara power-saving measure” he proposed the night before.

The loser, former Miyazaki Governor Hideo Higashinokokubaru (53), asked about falling over 900,000 votes short of Mr. Ishihara, turned the question aside: “I lost. Any margin would have felt the same.”




(2011年4月10日23時27分 読売新聞)


(2011年4月10日21時17分 読売新聞)






(2011年4月11日14時34分 読売新聞)

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