My Facebook Wall: March 2011

My friends’ words are written in italics.

2: You should exercise, because you never know when your life will become an action movie, and you’ll need to run away from something. But you should pray, too, ’cause if you end up in a horror movie, there’ll be nowhere to run.

4: I made up a word in my sleep. Tattoos of abstract designs rather than specific people or things [most henna tattoos, for instance] = “tattation without representation.”

4: i like how they’re talking about vandy winning with high academic standards. ummmm….duke? Vanderbilt’s innovation was getting rid of the athletic department and putting the NCAA sports teams under the Student Life umbrella.

4: Candle stores are not exactly oriented towards guys. If you were to create a line of scented candles for men, what scent(s) would you make them? What does a flaming torch surrounded by pitchforks smell like?

5: WTF: 女児遺体遺棄容疑、20歳の大学生逮捕…熊本 :3日夜、熊本市高平のスーパーに買い物に来ていた同市清水東町、介護士清水誠一郎さん(39)の長女、心(3)ちゃんの行方がわからなくなり、母親が「娘がいなくなった」と110番した…

5: From the second half of the Magic game through the first quarter of the Spurs game, the Heat were outscored by 51.

5: A former NFL player asked his family to donate his brain to neuropathologists studying the effects of concussions, then shot himself in the heart.

5: “The weather’s nice today.”
“But tomorrow it’ll be cold again.”
“It’ll be warm soon.”
“And then it’ll get hot.”

8: after tonight’s impromptu wedding toast semi-fail, i just really wish i was a better/more eloquent speaker It’s tricky…I try to say something I really like about the person or group without complicating it with something awkward. The best way to prepare is to see the best in people all the time so you’ll have something in the back of your mind!

8: A modern take on the ryokan.

8: Last month’s U.S. budget deficit was bigger than the deficit for the entire year of 2007.

8: “Black Swan” was brilliant, the perfect movie about a specific situation, but it certainly didn’t make my Mardi Gras more relaxing. I felt like my brain was a water balloon, and the movie was squeezing it.

9: Another Ash Wednesday. This Lent I’ll try to be less anxious and more prayerful. My mind is too much like a pencil sharpener, revolving around the same problems over and over. I’ll be more in the moment, especially in Mass, and pray for friends whenever I break bread alone.

9: Subway has passed McDonald’s as the world’s largest restaurant chain in terms of units, my weekly contributions are helping to put them over the top! They have a lot of stores here, and the most interesting placement was inside the WTC’s convention center…it’s sleepy on preparation days but packed during events.

9: It’s that time of year again, and I’ve never heard this version before.

9: Oh, NPR… Oh, this American life!

10: I use a kind of reverse psychology to enjoy bad weather: “Every day that it’s cold is a day that it’s not hot.”

11: Magnitude 8.9 earthquake in Japan. I’m grateful the country is so well-prepared and all my friends there are safe.

13: did you see this article? the o’s are back baby! Thanks for this sunshine! We have at least three more weeks to be happy. I’m glad Buck’s the manager, and I’d love to see 80 wins.

13: “The King’s Speech” was inspiring, and it was good to remember what Great Britain is all about. The musical selection for the climax was sublime. Most similar Oscar winner: “A Man for All Seasons,” 1966.

14: According to the New York Times, “Mr. Obama has told people that it would be so much easier to be the president of China. As one official put it, ‘No one is scrutinizing Hu Jintao’s words in Tahrir Square.'” China economically sanctions international critics and violates the human rights of domestic ones. I’m trying to interpret him charitably.

15: On commodity hoarding in western Japan, far from the earthquake: On 9/11, there were long lines at all the gas stations in Indiana.

18: Interesting! “Aid to the Church in Need has launched a new report which reveals that…75 percent of religious persecution is being carried out against Christians.” The number would be more credible if they had a full disclosure on their methodology (especially the sample design) or at least tell us how they calculated and arrived at the 75 percent conclusion. That’s a legitimate concern!

18: In response to “Fair Oaks teen – inventor of ‘Note to God’ iPhone app – in coma,” a friend said, “Looks like his app has some bugs.” That’s a mean-spirited comment. Prayer is about supporting each other, not making sure nothing bad ever happens to us.

18: severely disappointed with Atlanta’s Irish Pride today… It just hasn’t been the same since Scarlett O’Hara passed away.

18: this is me when i read the fear-mongering bullshit from western news sources. i dont know what to believe anymore. Newspapers are as selfish as anyone else. The bigger the story, the more people buy copies.

18: “Blue Valentine” lived up to its name, and I feel wiser for having seen it.

18: Is there ever a movie in which the villain acknowledges being the villain? I like this question. We think we’re right even when we’re doing wrong.

18: Oh the dreaded teacher-transfer notification day. It’s really rough on the teachers who get moved. Sometimes they have to uproot their families within the span of two weeks. This also affects the moods of the teachers who are left behind, as their friends and colleagues basically disappear from their lives.

19: I like teacher evaluations because they give me a chance to think about someone’s good qualities and then explain them. It’s a good break from writing about the earthquake. I have an extra form left over for a teacher with the surname Chen…since I’ve had two each term, I’m pretty sure I’ll get to use this.

20: I’ve had trouble taking a day off ever since I went to India and saw how hard people were fighting to make a living there.

20: 朝から熊本に行きます。地震のせいでタイミングがちょっと悪くなっても愉快な一週間を送りたいと思います。金曜日の誕生日と小学校卒業式を楽しみにしています。この八カ月生徒がどれほど成長したかな。

23: 「帰宅した」というような気がする。 It’s good to be back. Everyone’s been so kind to me. The earthquake and nuclear accident, by the way, have not affected this area in the least.

25: 杰輝! Feliz cumpleanos !!!! 希望你有一個很快樂的生日, 而且一天比一天開心! :D 謝謝!當天我先很開心。。然後開心得很。。再相當開心。。再開行得不得了。。最後開心得要命!

25: I’m celebrating my 25th birthday by going to an elementary school graduation, having tea at my Pure Land Buddhist priest/elementary school teacher friend’s family temple, and having dinner with some of my junior high school grads, among other things. Many thanks to you (感謝你) for your love and support!

27: Bulls-Pacers first round? Please put us out of our misery as soon as you can!

28: Lessons learned from rolling out a hodgepodge set of video tools for a Christian retreat: Trust in technology, and all your stuff will break. Trust in the Lord, and you will be saved! But your stuff will still break. I have never heard of a blessed computer, server, or connection. If one exists there should be a certification! Six Alpha-Omega. You did the Lord’s work this weekend, my friend! I’m picturing you striking your laptop with a staff the way Moses struck the stone for water in today’s reading.

28: I’ve decided I need to get to know Father Mike, because he seems kinda awesome. I’m neglecting my “bad Catholic” status. ;) Bad Catholic? I think of you as a Future Catholic. ;)

28: 人之智高於鳥之智。 “The wisdom of man is greater than the wisdom of birds.” There are days I wonder about the accuracy of this statement. This little proverb brought to you by tonight’s homework. “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat (or drink), or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds in the sky; they do not sow or reap, they gather nothing into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are not you more important than they? Can any of you by worrying add a single moment to your life-span?” -Matthew 6:25-27

29: 范老師曰。今記者杰輝也。杰輝聼之時。晚上也。以故今晚寫多睡少。

30: ESPN Outside the Lines: Why You Should Care About Cricket

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