Did the Governor of Tokyo Accidentally Divulge His Retirement?

Did the Governor of Tokyo Accidentally Divulge His Retirement?
Yomiuri Shimbun: 「私はやめるから」石原知事うっかり口滑る?
Staff Report, March 5, 2011

Tokyo Governor Shintarō Ishihara (age 78), who has not yet announced whether he will run for reelection on April 10, said “since I’m retiring next year” during his remarks at a youth art exhibition. [In the Japanese academic and fiscal calendar, this year ends March 31, and next year begins April 1.]

We have since discovered that Mr. Ishihara has already informed the Liberal Democratic Party that he will not campaign for reelection, but he has steadfastly avoided public announcements with phrases like “I can’t even tell the Emperor what my plans are.” City hall members attending the event wore shocked expressions and said, “it was a slip of the tongue.”

The statement was made during the opening ceremony of the Wonderseed 2011 exhibition. Mr. Ishihara, who is one of the judges, said after encouraging the young artists, “Since I’m retiring next year, I’m not sure I’ll get to be a judge here next year.” Afterward, the press corps asked him if he was planning not to run for reelection, to which he replied, “I will make a formal announcement on the 11th.” That is the closing day for the Metropolitan Assembly, so he is now expected to formally announce his retirement there.

Japan Times: Tokyo Governor: The second-most powerful job in the country

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(2011年3月5日03時04分 読売新聞)

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  1. […] A week before the Great Tōhoku Earthquake, Tokyo Governor Shintarō Ishihara appeared to be on his …, but the crisis changed his course: you don’t change horses in midstream. I wish him health and success. I also look forward to translating more of his candid and casual remarks. […]

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