부산/釜山 ~ Busan

부산/釜山 ~ Busan

Busan is the second largest metropolis in Korea after Seoul and the fifth largest port in the world.   Since it’s right across the sea from Fukuoka and borders a river, it has been a port for trade with the Japanese for hundreds of years.  Nestled between the mountains and sea on the southern coast, it was one of only two cities not conquered by the invading northern armies at the beginning of the Korean War.  The weather is lovely: the average low in January is 0°C; the average high in August is 29°C.  This is one of the few big cities with beautiful mountains and beaches both accessible by subway.  I visited in September 2009.

Busan Street
I had lovely weather both days in the city. This is a really beautiful and wide road, isn’t it?

Path to Beomeosa Temple
Climbing to Beomeosa Temple

Beomeosa Temple Courtyard

Geomjeungsan and Fortress Walls
The city surrounds the mountain. Atop the mountain, Geumjeongsan (peak: 801.5m) are a temple and a castle. It would take an entire day to hike all the way around the perimeter of the fortress, and afterward you’d be exhausted.

At Peak of Geomjeungsan

Haeundae Beach

Busan Sunset

Korean Test Books
There are aptitude tests for everything.

Busan Toyoko Inn
One reason I felt comfortable in this city was the Japanese presence. I stayed at the Toyoko Inn, for example.

Busan Port from Hotel
View from my room

Beomeosa Temple Gate

Beomeosa Bamboo Forest

Beomeosa Wall Art

Beomeosa Small Tower

Beomeosa Center

108 Temple Tour

Beomeosa Wall Art

Prayer Tablets



Climbing Geumjeongsan

Geumjeongsan Peak

At Peak of Geumjeongsan 2

Guus Hiddink Pizza
Guus Hiddink, who coached South Korea’s very successful 2002 World Cup team, is one of the few coaches in the world who has major endorsement deals.

Haeundae Beach
Kids at Haeundae Beach

Kids at Haeundae Beach 2

Haeundae Beach Sand

Busan Catholic Church
This was the Youth Mass, and Powerpoint was skillfully employed.

With Busan Priest
This priest was iluminado por el Espiritu Santo. He was one of the most charismatic people I’ve ever met.

These tiny shellfish were really salty.

Busan Night Market

Night Market

Jagalchi Fish Market After Hours
Jagalchi Fish Market after hours. This is a new building, and it’s much, much more convenient than the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo.

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