World-First Invention Instantly Measures Whether One Overate

In case your stomach isn’t reliable:

World-First Invention Instantly Measures Whether One Overate
Yomiuri Shimbun: 「食べ過ぎ」瞬時にわかります…世界初の測定器
Staff Report, February 23, 2011

Instant Urine Analyzer
Tanita’s invention measures whether someone has overeaten. This time, the test says you “ate a little too much.”

Tokyo-based health equipment manufacturer Tanita publicly tested a world-first invention, a handheld device which analyzes one’s urine after a meal to determine whether one overate, on the 22nd.

The current model is cylindrical, 17.6 cm long and 3.7 cm in diameter. After the cap is removed and the tip is placed inside the urine, a sensor inside the device instantly measures the sugar content. The LCD screen then displays whether the person overate.

The company has been performing tests with 200 men and women ages 30-60, and after improving the product’s precision, it plans to manufacture the device within the next two years. The estimated price is 10,000 yen (~$120US). The company says, “Until now, there was no precise way to know whether the size of one’s meals was appropriate. This will help people diet safely.”

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(2011年2月23日05時16分 読売新聞)

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