Dead City Fatehpur Sikri

Dead City Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri took 15 years to build. It was abandoned 14 years later. The Sufi saint Salim Chisti lived in a cavern on Sikri ridge here. After he foretold the birth of Mughal Emperor Akbar’s son (Salim, royal name Jahangir), Akbar thanked him by making this the site of his capital. He blended Persian, Muslim, and Indian architecture, and the sumptuous palace includes homes for all three of his wives: a Hindu, a Muslim, and a Christian. Next to the palace is an expansive mosque.

Sandstone was plentiful here, but water was scarce. In short time, the city had outgrown its resources, and it was too close to unstable Rajput areas for comfort. The court moved to Lahore and later to Agra, not far from here. Very few people stayed behind: it has been a ghost town for hundreds of years. Yet time has adopted this place. Natural patterns of stains and decay enrich it.

Fatehpur Sikri Mosque Shadow

Fatehpur Sikri Mosque

Fatehpur Sikri Mosque Ceiling Detail

Fatehpur Sikri Central Column

Fatehpur Sikri Dead Scenery

Fatehpur Sikri Dead Moat

Fatehpur Sikri Visitor's Room

Fatehpur Sikri Inner Palace

Fatehpur Sikri Wall

Fatehpur Sikri Decayed Wall

Fatehpur Sikri Star Ceiling

Fatehpur Sikri Triangle Ceiling

Fatehpur Sikri Wife's Quarters

Fatehpur Sikri Main Palace

Fatehpur Sikri Column Elaboration

Fatehpur Sikri Decayed Wall

Fatehpur Sikri Stained Ceiling

Fatehpur Sikri Pillar

Fatehpur Sikri Corner

Fatehpur Sikri Corner Column

Fatehpur Sikri Mosque Gate

Fatehpur Sikri Inside Mosque Gate

Fatehpur Sikri Boys on Wall

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