My Funny Valentines

I celebrated Valentine’s Day by praying for a mystery future person and listening to this song. In Japan, this is the day girls give chocolate to the boys they like. The boys can wait a whole month to respond in kind on “White Day.” So women are doing all the work in Japanese relationships before it even gets serious! You can guess how it went over with the students when I told them about how men woo in America – performing ballads like “A Whole New World” in front of all her friends, organizing the night of 2/14, choreographing the Best Damn Marriage Proposal Ever. Who’s up for a singing telegram? But my most consistent Valentine’s Day treat was receiving goofy themed cardboard cutout Valentines with Hershey’s kisses taped to them. They had famous characters and terrible puns. Things like:

Small MarioSuper Mario
“Your love makes me huge!”

…uh oh, looks like I’m too twisted now to do this the right way. Well, when your brain’s a lemon, you make lemonade.

Sonic and Rings
“I’m saving this ring for a reason!”

Shinji Ikari
“I don’t know who I am, but I know I love you.”

Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception
“Every day we’re together, I spin my talisman.” (Finally, a “normal” one.)

Puerto Rico
“Annex my heart!” (That didn’t last long.)

LeBron James
“Taking my talents to you was the right Decision.”

Joe Biden
“You are a big f—ing deal!”

Barack Obama
“I am the one I’ve been waiting for. But you are, too.”

Metrodome Roof Collapse
“I just can’t hold back my feelings anymore!”

BP Oil Leak
“You make me………yeah.”

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