Tweets of January

1: It’s passing strange that the quarterbacks for Notre Dame the past two seasons were named J.C. and Crist.
2: My break was busier than my school days…
4: Maybe we have a psychological need for winter. Hence residents of warmer locales like Kumamoto and Taipei forgo insulation and heating just so they can feel cold sometimes.
5: I had headphones on when I was putting away his laundry…and felt static electricity in my ears.
6: I met a true foreign service agent yesterday. Every question we asked about him was answered with a story about a country he’d been to.
7: I dreamed that the male protagonist in “Love and Other Drugs” was played by Jake Gyllenhaal in the bedroom scenes and Billy Crystal in the rest of the movie. If you could tag-team two actors to create the perfect man, or maybe just a good movie, how would you do it?
Discovery, Catholic Church team for exorcism series
8: One of the pleasures of playing the piano again is that when I listen to music afterward, I enjoy hearing the parts fit together rather than just following the melody.
A Karuta Tournament seems like a nice place to meet girls.  (Friend’s response: just don’t piss them off because they’ll slap you really hard.)
9: Another year, another home playoff loss. I’m hoping for a more creative playbook and a better roster next year but worried that the front office and coaching staff will stand pat again. I think that’s the difference between us and the Patriots.
10: Once you’re used to watching what you eat, you judge your meals by what’s inside them as much as how they’re prepared, if not more.
11: Things worked out pretty well for Ted Roof, didn’t they? He was 6-45 as Duke’s head coach but just won a national championship as the defensive coordinator of Auburn.
13: The appeal of Japanese curry and rice is unusual: the mind’s shock that there is no taste, the mouth’s satisfaction with something so smooth, the stomach’s confusion about whether it’s full or not.  (This was really controversial, as I had to specify that I really liked the texture, and there were many people who loved the taste as well.)
14: Our dormitory water heaters were designed by economists. The shower is warm enough that I want to get in and cold enough that I want to get out soon after.  (The solution, suggested by a friend, was to turn up the heater on the side from 4 to 5.)
15: Houston permit rule stops couple’s effort to feed homeless
16: The Packers (15 season-ending injuries, 2 playoff road wins) are making the Colts (18 and 1 home loss) look lame.
18: My sister has an amazing internship right now. She is helping the casting crew of “Baby Geniuses 3,” and her next project might be “Tekken 2.” So Tekken fans, let me know if you have any knowledge or opinions to pass along about that…and baby fans, do you know any energetic, chubby baby twins who’d like to be in a movie?
20: I’ve always wanted a program that does this!
22: I drank too much tea before bed and fell into a feedback loop of dreaming about how much trouble I was having getting to sleep.
23: Happy 25th Anniversary to one of the greatest teams of all time!
24: Chinese Pianist Plays Propaganda Tune at White House
25: It’s a big week of feast days for me: Francis de Sales (my Confirmation saint and patron of writers) on Monday, The Conversion of Paul on Tuesday, and Thomas Aquinas on Friday!
November and December Receipt Lottery Winners! Match the first 3 numbers exactly, the last three digits (or more) of the second 3 numbers, or one of the red numbers with the last three digits of your receipt.
26: And now the lottery results for Japanese New Year’s cards! I went 0 for 1 this year after going 2 for 120 last year.
28: I know I’m going to miss Taiwanese sweet potatoes, and he isn’t even close to leaving yet. A priori nostalgia?
29: Today’s Gospel was the Beatitudes: “Blessed is the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven,” etc.  A baby started wailing in the middle of the sermon.  The priest smiled and said, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”
30: I’m staying with a host family in the south for Chinese New Year’s week!  New translations will continue to appear on the blog because I worked ahead. 恭喜發財!

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