Monkfish Tempura In Rich Tare Sauce With Liver on Rice: A Chef’s Success Story

Monkfish Tempura In Rich Tare Sauce With Liver on Rice
Yomiuri Shimbun: あんこう天丼…肝入り、たまりじょうゆダレ, January 19, 2010

Monkfish Tempura
Ankō tendon is monkfish filet tempura and steamed liver on rice with local vegetables.

The Ōarai Seaside Hotel in Ōarai, Ibaraki has debuted a popular new dish, ankō tendon, which consists of the local delicacy monkfish‘s filet and local vegetables fried tempura-style in tare sauce and served along with the fish’s steamed liver over rice.

The hotel’s PR slogan is “savor the charm of monkfish in a different context than the nabe (steampot).”

This is the height of monkfish season. Many guests stay at the hotel to enjoy the aforementioned nabemono, but many people dislike the funky look and smell of the fish, and some avoid the dish because the fish’s innards are included. With that in mind, as monkfish season approached last fall, junior proprietor Kazuko Ishii (54) approached Head Chef Shōji Koibuchi (44) about adding new, non-nabe offerings to the menu.

Mr. Koibuchi tried boiling monkfish in red wine and in cheese fondue, but he “couldn’t make it easy to eat” that way. Next, he tried to adapt it to perennial favorite tendon (tempura on rice).

The natural moisture of the monkfish made it unsuitable for tempura, and many of his techniques were foiled. Finally, by cutting the white meat into thin slices and running hot water over it to remove the moisture, and by steaming the characteristic liver and cutting it into bite-sized pieces, he removed the fishy stink. To add a mildly sweet tempura flavor, he fried the filet in rich tare sauce [a sweetened, thickened soy-based dipping sauce]. Tempura versions of local vegetables like carrots and garland chrysanthemum were added to fill the bowl to the brim.

The dish was added to the menu last December and drew an excellent response. “Since we only include the filet and liver, even those who dislike the fish can enjoy this dish,” Ishii says. Koibuchi says, “In February, the size and fat content of the monkfish’s liver peaks, and I’m definitely looking forward to eating it.”

For 1500 yen, customers who are not overnight guests can order the dish from the hotel restaurant. For more information, call the Ōarai Seaside Hotel at 029-267-2111.








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