A Long Day in Delhi: AM

A Long Day in Delhi: Morning and Afternoon
April 30, 2010. It was brick oven hot. Delhi was the capital of the Mughal Empire (16th to 18th centuries), and the British capital was transferred here from Calcutta in the 1920s.

Indian Breakfast
Traditional light breakfast starring delicious sweet tea, bread with jelly, corn flakes, and an acceptable banana.
Paharganj 2
Paharganj, Backpackers’ Ghetto.
Delhi Bus
Indian Broadcasting House
Rashtrapati Bhavan
Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Indian White House
English Era Cannon
Road to Capitol
The Rajpath, connecting the capitol and India Gate
Monkeys in Delhi
Gandhi Smriti Statue
Gandhi Smriti Garden
After Gandhi was shot, he walked to the garden. This was his final walk.
Memorial to Gandhi's Final Resting Place
Gandhi My life is my message
Next, I visited the Lodhi Gardens.
Lodhi Gardens 1
Lodhi Gardens 2
Garden Staff Siesta
Gardens Staff Playing Cards
Lodhi Flowers
Lodhi Lotus 1
Lodhi Lotus 2
Construction for Commonwealth Games
Construction for Commonwealth Games (ultimately not completed in time)
Bahá'í Lotus Temple 1
Bahá'í Lotus Temple 2
Line to Lotus Temple
Bahá’í Lotus Temple
Issa Khan Tomb
Issa Khan Tomb
Issa Khan Tomb
My friend commented that this is more practical than the Taj Mahal.

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