A Cultural Conservative Cavalry Charge

Some notable recent maneuvers from the American right flank:

Why This Orthodox Jew Loves Christmas Music

Real Presences: “I am very taken with his idea of the Internet as a metaphor for God; the Internet is, after all, a purely spiritual realm, using rudimentary material elements to connect souls with each other — sometimes across vast distances — in the communion of shared meaning.”

Ben Franklin’s Nation

Discovery, Catholic Church team for exorcism series

God and Woman at Harvard

Involved dads give kids a much better shot at success

Bitter Pill: “With this essay, using the language and tools of modern social science, I will articulate the position that contraception is socially damaging. I will also demonstrate that contraception is in fact a sexist practice.”

41 percent of New York pregnancies end in abortion

The Unborn Paradox

As Gay Becomes Bourgeois

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