Cross-Country Flight Links

At this very moment I’m flying back to Taipei. So how am I updating?! Well, I scheduled this post a day in advance. Spooky, huh?

China bars English words in all publications, and not just words but abbreviations, for example you must write “國際商業機器公司” (guoji shangye jiqi gongsi, International Business Machines Corporation) instead of “IBM” from now on. Because all Chinese characters are one syllable already, the only way to abbreviate phrases is to drop characters. For example, you could turn IBM into “國際機器” (guoji jiqi, International Machines) as long as that phrase doesn’t overlap with something else.

One editor at a Beijing publishing house told the China Daily that the new GAPP regulation could actually result in reduced understanding.

“The intention of protecting the Chinese language is good. But in an age of globalisation, when some English acronyms like WTO have been widely accepted by readers, it might be too absolute to eliminate them,” the editor said.

“Conversationally, people also use these words all the time, so the regulation could create discord between the oral and written uses of language.”

World’s 5 biggest airlines now from Asia, Latin America

Air China has a market capitalization of $20 billion, followed by Singapore airlines with $14 billion and Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific with $12 billion.

China Southern has a market cap of $11 billion, as does LATAM, the Latin American airline recently created from the merger of Chile’s LAN and TAM of Brazil. U.S. carrier Delta and Germany’s Lufthansa follow with market capitalizations of $10 billion each.

I’m not qualified to comment on this: Dogs are ‘smarter than cats’

The intelligence of “a man’s best friend” has evolved at a greater rate than the less social cat over millions of years, scientists at Oxford University have claimed.

It was often thought that the feline pet was smarter than its canine counterpart because it needed less attention but researchers have discovered that cats’ brains are smaller because they are less social.

Paycheck Calculator estimates how much you’re taking home after taxes. It’s especially good to consult before moving to another state for work.

Interactive Scale of the Universe looks interesting.

Sports Illustrated’s Pictures of the Year are worth a look. The two-page photo spreads are highlights of the magazine.

Why it’s cold here but warm over in Greenland provides useful, apolitical weather knowledge. Isn’t it funny that you have to specify that now?

Suspended Buckeyes should cut ties with unfair system, turn pro is another good critique of the NCAA.

In Obama’s New Start, Charles Krauthammer says his opponent, the President, did extremely well for himself in the lame duck session.

Steep Drop Seen in Circumcisions in U.S. I say this is bad news!

Objection! is helluva fun. It lets you deploy Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney in your online arguments.

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