Kyrie Irving’s Injury: Bad for the Team and Good for the Fans?

I was sad to see that Kyrie Irving, the star freshman point guard of the unanimous #1 Duke Blue Devils, is out indefinitely with an injured toe and might miss the entire season. (It’s only three months until the tournament and four until the national championship, after all.) Irving and the rest of the players and staff are great sportsmen. Even though they’re already defending champions, they’ve worked tirelessly all year to become even better. I hate to see misfortune befall people who do things the right way.

But sometimes it does, and this is a good wake-up call for us. The chatter about the team wasn’t “Can we win it all this year?” It was “By how much?” We were ready to cut down the nets.

It reminded me of my attitude as a freshman at Orientation. Maybe I was in the same chapel as a hundred future presidents of the United States, and perhaps I will be as special as Maya Angelou some day, but my base qualification for my first job after graduation was that I was born in America, ergo I knew more English than Japanese schoolchildren. At age 18, I had even less to offer the world. The money that put me in that pew came from someone else’s pockets. I was privileged more than deserving of praise.

I thought the name on my degree would be a golden ticket, but nothing comes easy and nothing is assured. I’ve received more support than I can ever repay and avoided more hardship than I could ever imagine. Tonight, instead of boasting about the prowess of a team to which I’d contributed nothing, I’m giving thanks for how fortunate I’ve been. Tomorrow morning, like our basketball players, I’ll get up early and work harder than ever.

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