Tweets of November

Well, they were really Facebookings, but I’ll go with common usage.

The 1st: Daily Mass is BACK in my life!

The 2nd: It’s Tuesday, November 2nd. You know what that means, America! Get out and pray for the deceased! It’s All Souls Day!

The 5th: Canadian couple gives away entire $11.2M lottery jackpot

The 6th: My green umbrella might have been on national TV today! When the Flora Expo Opening Ceremony cut from inside the “EcoArk” to the plaza outside, I was in front of the young drummers giving the fireworks a big send-off. Minutes later I was 10 feet away from the mayor, who got his suit all wet to thank everyone for coming. By the way, the Expo is 很大很大 big big big.

The 7th: I got so into my essay about the Tensui town festival that I almost listened to every minute of “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness” for the first time ever. No offense to true fans, but “X.Y.U.” is so noisy and long that it even breaks my concentration when I’m writing about kids walking through fire.

The 8th: Welcome back from the Duke Awakening 15 retreat! Otsukaresama deshita – literally, “you exhausted yourself honorably.” (To which a friend replied, ‘Not to take away from the spirituality of anything, but i think, despite what this may indicate about my maturity, that that may have just been what she said.'”)

The 9th: Today’s textbook reading was about women in the workforce, and it mentioned that they’re still expected to do the cooking and laundry when they get home here in Taiwan. Which makes me wonder, at what age would you like your children to be able to do those things for themselves? (The accepted answer turned out to be “They can start whenever they have to.”)

The 10th: New grammar-checking technique: typing a phrase into Google two different ways and seeing which gets the most hits. (Baidu was recommended for Chinese checking, and there was a short debate of proper vs. accepted grammar.)

The 11th: Pop quiz: what are the 5 countries with the largest Spanish-speaking populations? (The correct answer was Mexico, United States, Spain, Colombia, and Argentina. Guesses included Ireland, Finland, Pakistan, Iceland, Spain, South Africa, Russia, New Zealand, Japan, Antarctica, and of course Luxembourg.)

The 12th: On this video: I’ll be honest with you, my “This is messed up!” reaction only lasted 15 seconds. Then it was replaced by “This is original!” and “Great technology!” and “Honestly, how much less real is she than other pop idols?” I would never go to the show, but this is innovative. Maybe I should turn in my passport.

The 13th: I was fascinated by Mark Zuckerberg’s expressionlessness being the emotional center of “The Social Network.” Every time something happens, you wait for him to not react to it.

The 14th: Today’s loopy thought: “If I go to bed earlier, I can have breakfast sooner!”

The 15th: In response to “the two most pressing societal issues are surviving until the end of the Earth and finding a way off the planet before then. Everything else is working towards those ends”: The most pressing issue in my life is surviving until I die.

The 17th: Matthew 5:40

The 18th: Today at Taiwanese Bible Study, I meant to say “I was baptized when I was a baby,” but instead of “baptized” I said “sacrificed.”

The 20th: Thank you, Harry Potter, for putting Twilight in its place. England was depressing before white people even knew about Seattle.

The 21st: In response to question about whether Coach Jim Caldwell actually uses his headset or if it’s just a prop: I love that after the Colts-Pats game, everyone was talking about Peyton’s decision to go for the TD instead of the FG, and no one asked about Jim Caldwell’s opinion, because it’s common knowledge now that #18 is the real coach. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing the Golden Age of Indiana what with Manning under center and Mitch Daniels in the Statehouse. It’s not THAT glorious, more like corn gold than Treasure Island gold, but still.

The 22nd: In response to bleg about hotels in Tokyo: The Oak Hotel is my favorite place in Tokyo. There’s a nice hostel in Yokohama, too, called Hostel Porto. is by far the best site for hotel and capsule reservations, but it’s in Japanese.

The 22nd: In response to a joke that followed a friend’s serious post: Someday when I am running for president, a reporter will ask me, “Mr. Smyth, where did you learn how to handle this manic gantlet of silliness which I am compounding with this very question?” I’ll reply, “If I weren’t patient, I’d be a mental patient because my friend Ilya steps on everything I say!”

The 23rd: Terrorists are naughty by nature, but the TSA is down with OPP! When I fly home, will they feel me flow?

The 25th: 感謝,天主.

The 28th: It’s so much easier to remember what the date is when the 1st is a Monday.

The 30th: Was it the United States that lost 250,000-0 today, or was it just Real Madrid?

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