Sunday Reading: H.L. Mencken, Football Agents and Practices, and Han Han

Terry Teachout, who has written a biography about H.L. Mencken, reviews the anthology of Mencken’s newspaper column “Prejudices.” Most Americans my age know him as the journalist in “Inherit the Wind,” the play about the Scopes Trial, but it seems he was a much more influential figure than that.

Confessions of NFL Agent Josh Luchs was riveting. I was surprised by what I read, but only because I’d never properly thought about the issue before. It was all plausible.

Oregon hones prolific offense through frenetic practices. I read in the spring about new Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly doing the same thing. This is the kind of sports story that teaches you about life. Focus! Don’t waste time! If you want to read this but have other things to do, read faster!

China’s Literary Bad Boy, Time Magazine’s profile of Han Han, the most popular blogger in China. Here are his sites in Mandarin and English. This is the first post that comes up when you Google him, and it’s hotter than suan la tang.

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